The Ultimate Eurocamp Holiday Guide – and money saving tips!

This is the Ultimate Eurocamp Holiday Guide, including a review of our experiences, and my all important money saving tips! Whilst I’d not intended to become a Eurocamp expert, we’ve visited quite a few Eurocamp sites over the last few years, and I seem to have become one! 😂

I’ve included answers questions like: Where is Eurocamp? How does Eurocamp work and how do I book? What’s the accommodation like? How can I save money on my Eurocamp family holiday? Which Eurocamp is best? (I’ve included links to all of my campsite reviews to help you decide where to visit!) Can I take my dog on a Eurocamp holiday? And lots more!


Where is Eurocamp?

Eurocamp have lots of different locations across Europe, and for us hopping around their campsites gives us a cheap way to explore with the kids. We often use Eurocamp for our family holidays because they’re usually well located, so we’re able to have a mixture of city visits and chilling by the beach or pool – which is our favourite holiday blend!

Eurocamp currently have accommodation available in:

There are lots of new campsites popping up on Eurocamp lately all across Europe, new for 2024, particularly in countries like Croatia which previously had fewer options. (And if anyone from Eurocamp is reading this – if you could just add Greece to the list as well that would be great! 😉)

Lake Resort Beekse Bergen, Eurocamp holiday, the Netherlands, lake beach, frugal mum with children


How does Eurocamp work – how do I book a holiday?

If you’re wondering ‘Are Eurocamp holidays any good?’ then I can confirm that all of the campsites that we’ve visited, although not run by Eurocamp themselves, have been fantastic. They rent / place their accommodation on campsites all over Europe – where you can enjoy the swimming pools and other onsite attractions that those particular holiday parks have to offer.

To book your Eurocamp holiday, simply:

  • Pick the destination you fancy
  • Choose your dates
  • Select your accommodation type
  • Add travel / Channel crossings if required

There are loads of campsites available – so check out some reviews, look at their photos, see what’s on offer, and research the locations. The information on the Eurocamp website will tell you how close the sites are to attractions, cities, airports, beaches etc so you can design your perfect holiday.

If you’re not sure where you want to go, leave the destination empty and see what appears for your dates. One main plus of Eurocamp is that there are no set dates and you can choose the length of stay – this makes it easy to tailor your holiday around time off work and cheap flights etc.


What’s the Eurocamp accommodation like?

We’ve only had one bad experience with the quality of the accommodation, across 8 Eurocamp visits, so it’s not something that I worry too much about. The main factor seems to not be the level of the accommodation but how new it is.

The lower range mobile homes are small and basic, but perfectly functional as a cheap and cheerful base to explore from. However, over time, sometimes things get broken and tatty and not all sites are maintained and cleaned as well as others.

azure, premium, Eurocamp holiday accommodation guide, La Chapelle, South of France, mobile home

We’ve found that issues are resolved, but if possible we try to book the Azure range (known as Comfort Plus or Premium from 2024) because the higher range mobile homes tend to be replaced more regularly and are often fairly new – so these seem the safest bet! Having said that, we stayed in a brand new Comfort XL (now known as Classic XL) mobile home in Rome, and that was amazing!

Comfort XL, Camping Village Fabulous, Rome, Italy, Eurocamp holiday accommodation guide, mobile home

The best thing to do is to research the site that you’re staying at to see what other people have mentioned in their reviews. And, if there’s not too much price difference, try to book a slightly higher level accommodation if you’re able to as they seem to be updated more often. If you prefer camping, or are looking to holiday on a tight budget, then check out Eurocamp’s tent and safari tent options.

For a detailed review and photos, check out my guide to the different accommodation options available: Eurocamp: Which accommodation should I choose? What’s included?

Eurocamp accommodation options guide title image, mobile home, frugal mum review

The Eurocamp mobile homes are brilliant for family holidays – unlike a hotel room, you’re able to spread out, have your own bedtime (always a challenge if you’re sharing a hotel room with the kids!) and there’s plenty of room for preparing meals too.


Is Eurocamp cheap / expensive?

We’re fortunate to be able to travel term-time as we’re both self-employed and our children are home-schooled. This means that we have complete flexibility to go away when we choose. We generally like to travel in September when prices are cheapest, and the campsites are quieter, but the weather is still nice.

We’ve also benefitted from great booking discounts during Eurocamp’s sales, as well as having additional money off from a perk website that my husband previously had through his work. Therefore, we’ve paid around £200-£400 per week for accommodation on our trips, and the amazing pools, flumes and facilities on the campsites that we’ve visited have made our Eurocamp holidays fantastic value for money.

Having said that, I completely appreciate that if you’re travelling during the school holidays, these prices might be totally non-existent and your stay will likely be more expensive – so keep reading for tips on how to save money on your Eurocamp holiday. And, if you’re restricted to school holiday dates then look for May half-term getaways – they’re always so much cheaper than the summer holidays!

If you need to book your getaway during the school summer holidays, over July and August, and you’d like to find something affordable with Eurocamp check out my article: Budget Family Summer Getaways: July & August school holiday deals under £1000!


How can I save money on my Eurocamp family holiday?

Life is expensive, so we’re now more than ever looking at reducing costs and finding ways to have cheap and cheerful family holidays with the kids. So let me guide you through 10 ways that you can save money on your Eurocamp holiday:

1. Look out for the Eurocamp sales:

Eurocamp often have sales on their website – so keep your eyes peeled! Their own discounts will come off automatically, so any savings will be clear when you’re doing your booking. In previous years, I’ve noticed good sales around January time and then again around Easter – so check regularly.


2: Compare travel dates:

Sometimes moving your holiday by a day or two can offer a vastly difference price, so use their calendar to check for cheaper dates before you book. You can choose to start and end your holiday on any given day (there are no fixed arrival dates) so you can literally plan your trip around the cheapest dates available near the time you’re hoping to travel.

The calendar did appear like this (see below) which was really helpful – it doesn’t seem to show the prices like this anymore but you can select different dates and compare it for yourself. These were the June 2023 prices for a holiday at Camping Cisano San Vito, Lake Garda, Italy – showing just how much the date can alter the cost!

eurocamp holiday guide, frugal mum review, money saving calendar


3. Use their suggestions:

When you’re viewing a particular holiday, you can also scroll down the page to view their suggestions for alternative dates / campsites and see what’s cheapest there too. Being open-minded and flexible is probably one of the best ways to save money.


4: Add extra discounts:

If you’re lucky, some external discounts can be combined with those on the Eurocamp website too – we’ve benefitted from this in the past – or they may even exceed them and be worth using instead! Through work you may be able to access big savings through the NHS Blue Light Card, with companies like Perkbox, or through other loyalty schemes. Kids Pass have great early booking reductions too.

You may also be able to get good discount and cashback offers through cashback websites – and once you’ve stayed with Eurocamp in the past they’ll give you an additional loyalty discount when you book again! And, for those travelling alone with children, Eurocamp also offer a single parent discount of up to £75.


5: Include your travel:

We’ve found that booking the Channel Tunnel Crossing through Eurocamp is generally cheaper than booking directly – they have a set amount of discounted spots – so make sure that you book it as a package if you’re driving. In previous years, we paid around £60 each way for the crossing. For our 2023 trip, the cost rose to around £100 each way – a significant increase but still cheaper than booking directly.

The ferry is a less expensive option if you’re happy to add on the additional travel time – Dover to Calais is around 90 minutes. In 2023, Eurocamp actually offered free ferry travel for May / June holidays – so keep an eye on their website for deals. If you need flights – check out my article: How to use Skyscanner to save money on flights.


6: Book out of season:

If you’re able to avoid the school holidays and peak dates, you’ll save a ridiculous amount of money on your Eurocamp holiday – we find September really affordable and quiet. If you do need to book around the school holidays, as I mentioned above, May half-term is a lot more affordable than the summer holidays – and they usually offer discounts for holidays around that time too, directly on the Eurocamp website.


7: Think about the little things:

If you’re driving, just little things like taking your own bedding will save you a bit of money. You can also pack the car with food and other essentials, so you’ll have a lot of what you need already when you arrive. Be smart with things like toiletries, washing up liquid and laundry detergent too – decant a little into small bottles so that you don’t need to purchase larger amounts that would otherwise get wasted.


8. Check the ‘special offers’ section:

If you can’t see any obvious site-wide discounts on the Eurocamp website – then the ‘Special Offers‘ tab is great place to find a trip that suits your summer holiday budget.

When you click through, you’ll see offers for particular dates / campsites – plan your trip around the cheapest ones, or pick your destination based on dates which would work with the kids and annual leave etc. As you can see, just from these few May half-term options below, prices vary wildly – so it’s a great section of the website to scroll through to find a deal that suits your budget.

eurocamp holiday price examples, discounts, save money with frugal mum eurocamp holiday price examples, discounts, save money with frugal mum


9. Make a plan:

Making a rough itinerary for your trip is a great way to ensure that you can do all of the things that you’d love to do while you’re away without breaking the bank. The Eurocamp website offers loads of info to show you what’s near each campsite, and if you do a little extra digging you could save some money.

For instance – if you’re in Rome you can visit The Colosseum on the first Sunday of the month for free. Or, if you wanted to visit Harder Kulm and Jungfraujoch whilst in Switzerland, with a little prior research, you’d see that if you buy tickets to Jungfraujoch and visit there first, you can then visit Harder Kulm for free. And, lots of zoos, theme parks and children’s activities will have cheaper weekday prices, so a little bit of pre-planning can vastly lower your expenditure while you’re away.


10: Book a cheaper accommodation option:

All of the Eurocamp sites offer a wide range of mobile home, tent and apartment options. Whilst it’s nice to book a higher standard of accommodation if the price isn’t wildly different, it’s also important to remember that it’s just a base for eating and sleeping.

We book what we can afford – getting to travel and make memories with the kids is too important, so I would always recommend reducing accommodation costs if need be – better that than not going at all / getting into debt for it. For more info, check out my post: Review: Is Eurocamp good?  What should I expect and which accommodation should I choose?


Are Eurocamp activities free?

Our favourite thing about Eurocamp holidays are the amazing campsites, with lots on offer to entertain the kids. Make sure that you take a look at the individual details for the campsite that you’re visiting to see exactly what they have on offer. Sites will vary but usually things like pools, flumes and entertainment etc is included in the cost. Some will also come with extra perks – such as tickets to adjoining attractions or the use of a neighbouring site’s facilities.

However, a few places do have additional charges, for example: Duinrell’s waterpark complex (though the theme park is free) or water-sports / beach inflatables at sites in Croatia. As the campsites are run independently, and not by Eurocamp themselves, don’t assume that all activities are included without checking first. If you need any more information, the Eurocamp Live Chat staff are brilliant and they can guide you through what to expect.


What if I need to makes changes to my Eurocamp booking?

I’ve found the Eurocamp team to be incredibly patient and helpful on the multiple occasions that I’ve amended our holidays. We had to completely change our holiday plans in 2020 during the pandemic. We’d booked a 3 week trip around several campsites in France and, 3 weeks before we were due to leave, France was still off-limits to the UK.

I contacted Eurocamp via their Live Chat with a new plan – a 3 week trip around Italy instead – and they changed the entire itinerary for us with one conversation. Something that I thought would be a headache (given that we needed new crossing times, and a change in dates etc for an entirely new trip) was actually really simple.

Rome, Italy, family, kids, St Peter's Basilica, Vatican City, frugal mum children

I also used Eurocamp Live Chat to book our 2023 holiday to the Netherlands as I had a discount voucher that I couldn’t get to work alongside the discounts already on their website. The lady on Live Chat booked the holiday for me, made all of the codes work and secured our crossing days/times with the Channel Tunnel. I also later added a few extra days to the holiday too – the efficiency of the Eurocamp Live Chat team gets them major brownie points from me, and is another reason we like to book through them.


Complaints: What is Eurocamp’s customer service like?

You’re probably wondering what Eurocamp’s customer service is like – in the event that you have a problem to resolve or a complaint to make – and the good news is that we’ve only needed to complain twice but both times I’ve been really impressed by how quickly and easily it was dealt with.

The mobile home we were given in Tuscany was dirty and mouldy, and the oven didn’t work. When we reported it to the rep onsite he informed us that they were replacing the mobile homes but ours hadn’t yet been done – and he agreed that it wasn’t good enough.

I’m not sure all reps would have been so great, but he was an older gent who’d been doing it for years and he was straight on the phone to the boss. We were given €100 for a meal out and moved into better accommodation when it became available 2 days later. The upgrade was to a brand new Azure mobile home so it all worked out well in the end!

Our second complaint was following our holiday in the South of France – our accommodation was directly next to the entertainment stage and the noise was horrendous, continuing until near midnight most nights. Unfortunately, there was nowhere for us to be moved to so we tried to make the best of it and I emailed a proper complaint when we returned. Instantly, and without any fuss, Eurocamp offered us a £200 holiday voucher, or a 50% refund, which we put towards our next holiday.


Should I book my travel through Eurocamp?

Ferry and Channel Crossing from Calais: Eurocamp have access to discounted ferry and Channel Tunnel crossings from the UK to France – it’s usually significantly cheaper than booking directly and can be organised when you book your holiday.

The prices fluctuate slightly, but a return on the ferry is typically £100-£150 (it was £112 for an example holiday on 8-15th Aug) and the Le Shuttle Channel Crossing is around £250 (it was £254 for 8-15th Aug). These costs were based on August dates, and it’s similar to what we’ve paid for our holidays in June and September this year, so it seems not to really change during peak school holiday times which is handy to know – and makes a pleasant change!!

If you need to make any amendments, just let them know and they’ll contact the Channel Tunnel for you. We’ve altered our crossing times several times (before and during our trips) where plans have changed, and they’ve always been so helpful. They also offer free ferry travel sometimes too – for 2023 this was offered on stays around May time (including May half-term dates) – so check their website for discounts and offers.

Interlaken, boat, Eurocamp Holiday, Manor Farm Campsite, lake

Eurocamp with flights: A new feature, Eurocamp holidays can now include flights – if you tick this option when booking your holiday, they’ll find you some flight options and contact you to finish the booking. However, flights do not come under the deposit cost, as Eurocamp are not directly providing these, so they’ll need to be paid in full.


How do I book a multi-stay Eurocamp holiday?

Eurocamp have recently made some changes, and it’s now not possible to book multiple campsites in one easy swoop on the Eurocamp website. However, though this is a bit annoying, you can stay book a multi-stay holiday – as the lovely lady on their Live Chat reassured me.

So if you’re road tripping around a country (or more than one) like we do, simply book the first stay online as usual to begin the booking, then contact Eurocamp via their Live Chat service and they’ll add the additional parts of the holiday onto the booking for you.

If you’re interested in a European family road trip on a budget, but don’t know where to start, check out my articles:

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Eurocamp holidays near popular locations:

If you’re looking to use Eurocamp as a base to visit a city or an attraction then join the club – that’s exactly what we do! It’s usually far more cost effective than expensive city hotels, and you can make the most of their facilities too. Depending on what you want from your holiday, here are some of the Eurocamp sites that you might want to check out – just click the links to view.

Eurocamp closest to Calais: Just 30 minutes drive from the Calais crossing is La Bien Assise campsite in Picardy.

Eurocamps closest to Paris / Disneyland: There are several Paris parks available – click to check out. 

Eurocamp closest to Rome: Enjoy my review of Camping Village Fabulous – the perfect base for exploring Rome. And, check out my guide: Cheap family travel: How to explore Rome on a budget – in just one day – with kids!

Eurocamps closest to Barcelona: Vist the Costa Dorada campsite pages for lots of options.

Eurocamps you can fly to / visit without driving a car: Eurocamp have a whole section dedicated to car free holidays so if you don’t fancy driving, click through to browse through their list of holidays near airports.

Eurocamps closest to ferry ports: They also have a section for campsites near ferry ports, for those who want to take the car whilst avoiding lots of driving.

Eurocamps near theme parks: There are lots of Eurocamp sites near theme parks, click through to check them out. Duinrell in The Netherlands has its own theme park and waterpark on site.

Eurocamps on the beach: There are tons of gorgeous beachside Eurocamp sites, so if the kids love to play at the beach use this link.

Eurocamps near cities: Eurocamp have a whole section dedicated to city breaks so they’re a great option for an affordable city getaway with the kids.

Eurocamps with waterparks: There are LOADS of amazing campsites with waterslides, some with full on waterparks too, and you can browse these on Eurocamp’s website.

La Chapelle, swimming pool, slides, flume, South of France, Eurocamp Holiday, frugal mum child

For family city break money saving tips, check out my article: How to have a European city break with kids on a budget!


Can I take my dog on a Eurocamp holiday?

Loads of people want to know if Eurocamp holidays are dog friendly. The good news is that there are actually over 100 different Eurocamp campsites that will allow you to take your beloved furry friend with you. They have a whole page dedicated to dogs on their website, so you’ll know rules for travel, where you can book and what paperwork you’ll need – click through for everything you need to know about travelling with your dog.


What’s included / what should I pack?

This is a question that I’ve been asked a few times from Frugal Mum followers – so I’ve included a list of what you can expect / what’s included with your accommodation and at the campsites itself, as well as a list of what you’ll need to pack. You can find this on my accommodation guide: Eurocamp: Which accommodation should I choose? What’s included?


Which Eurocamp is best?

Honestly, we’ve loved all of the sites that we’ve visited but all for very different reasons. In Switzerland the location and scenery was incredible; in Italy the proximity to the cities made for perfect exploring; in the South of France the waterslides were incredible; and the safari park at Beekse Bergen Lake Resort in the Netherlands was out of this world.

So, it’s absolutely impossible to answer this question, it’ll totally depend on what you’re looking for in a holiday, what your family are interested in, how old the kids are and whether you prefer to chill on a beach or explore.

For more information about Eurocamp holidays, check out my article: Why do we use always Eurocamp to travel in Europe with the kids? And, in case you’re wondering what a Eurocamp holiday is like, or need a bit more help deciding on which campsite is best for you, I’ve added the reviews of all the campsites we’ve visited – just click through below to read:

Eurocamp Holiday Review: Camping Cisano San Vito, Lake Garda, Italy

Camping Cisano San Vito, Eurocamp holiday, swimming pool, flume, slides, Italy, Lake Garda, frugal mum review photo


Eurocamp Holiday Review: Camping Village Fabulous, Lazio, Rome, Italy

Camping Village Fabulous, Eurocamp holiday, swimming pool, flume, slides, Italy, Rome, frugal mum children, review photo


Eurocamp Holiday Review: Camping Village Valle Gaia, Tuscany, Italy

Camping Valle Gaia, Eurocamp Holiday, Tuscany, Italy, swimming pool, flume, slide, frugal mum review photo


Eurocamp Holiday Review: Camping La Chapelle, Argelès-sur-Mer, Roussillon, South of France

La Chapelle, Argeles, South of France, swimming pool, slides, flumes, Eurocamp holiday, frugal mum children, review, photo


Eurocamp Holiday Review: Les Lacs du Verdon Campsite, Regusse, Provence, South of France

Les Lacs Verdon, Regusse, South of France, boat, lake, Eurocamp holiday, frugal mum children, review photo


Eurocamp Holiday Review: Manor Farm Campsite, Interlaken, Bernese Oberland, Switzerland

Manor Farm Campsite, Interlaken, Switzerland, lake, Eurocamp holiday, sunset, frugal mum review photo


Eurocamp Holiday Review: Beekse Bergen Lake Resort, Hilvarenbeek, North Brabant, The Netherlands

Lake Resort Beekse Bergen, Eurocamp holiday, the Netherlands, lake beach, frugal mum with children, photo, frugal mum review, lake resort, hilvarenbeek, north brabant


Eurocamp Holiday Review: Duinrell Theme Park Resort, Wassenaar, South Holland, The Netherlands

duinrell theme park resort, Eurocamp holiday, the Netherlands, rides frugal mum with children, photo, frugal mum review, south holland


Eurocamp Holiday Review: Birkelt Village Campsite, Larochette, Mullerthal, Luxembourg

Eurocamp Holiday Review, Birkelt Village Campsite, Larochette, Luxembourg


Getting ready for your family holiday?

Check out my Ultimate Family Holiday Packing Guide – with free printable checklist!

frugal mum free printable family holiday travel checklist


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Ready for an adventure? Head to the Eurocamp website to create your perfect family summer holiday.

Manor Farm Campsite, Interlaken, Switzerland, lake, Eurocamp Holiday

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