Eurocamp Holiday Review: Camping Village Fabulous, Lazio, Rome, Italy

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Updated January 2024

Holiday: September 2020

Looking for a fun family holiday to Italy on a budget?

This Eurocamp Holiday Review is all about Camping Village Fabulous (in Lazio, Rome, Italy). I’ve included our experiences, photos, details about the Eurocamp accommodation, info on visiting Rome (to see sights like: The Colosseum, St Peter’s Basilica, The Pantheon and The Trevi Fountain), driving time from Calais, the closest airport and everything else that you need to know. This was a brilliant base for exploring the incredible city of Rome on a small budget.


Camping Village Fabulous

In September 2020, we embarked on a budget road trip around Northern / Central Italy with the kids, using Eurocamp sites as cheap bases to hop between. We started Camping Cisano San Vito in Lake Garda then we drove to Rome, where we stayed at Camping Village Fabulous, which is situated just outside of the centre, before heading to Camping Village Valle Gaia in Tuscany.

We only had two full days at Camping Village Fabulous (3 nights) so we had one day in Rome itself and another making the most of the pools and relaxing.

Camping Village Fabulous, Rome, Italy, swimming pool, Eurocamp holiday review, frugal mum children, photo


What was Camping Village Fabulous like?

The campsite itself was very quiet and peaceful, and when we visited there weren’t many people about. It was a fantastic way to visit Rome on a budget, and come away from the bustle for a good night’s sleep after a day exploring the city. It’s also an affordable option compared with the cost of city centre accommodation and parking.

Camping Village Fabulous, Rome, Italy, mobile home accommodation, Eurocamp holiday, frugal mum review, photo


What was the swimming pool like?

The main pool at Camping Village Fabulous was great for a refreshing dip, as it was 33 degrees when we visited, but it was deep so I did get the armbands back out for Lola just to be on the safe side. There was also a kids play pool but this wasn’t deep enough for swimming, just for paddling and playing on slides and the giant inflatable dome – which the kids enjoyed too!

Camping Village Fabulous, Rome, Italy, swimming pool, Eurocamp holiday review, frugal mum children photo

The pool area was clean and it was never that busy – having said that, we are homeschoolers so we do travel term-time. The kids liked the lively music played from the poolside, and we used the pool restaurant for a junky lunch on the day we stayed on site, which was tasty. A lot of places in Italy will require swimming caps but they weren’t needed here.

Camping Village Fabulous, Rome, Italy, swimming pool dome, Eurocamp holiday review, frugal mum photo


Local Area: Visiting the city of Rome

We picked the Camping Village Fabulous campsite purely for its proximity to Rome city centre and it was absolutely perfect for the job. By using self-catering accommodation, just outside of the city, it was much easier for us to keep to small budget. To get to the centre of Rome we parked at Vinitia train station (5 mins drive from our caravan site) and got the train in.

colosseum, rome, italy, frugal mum family photo, eurocamp holiday review, rome in a day, camping village fabulous

Our train tickets were just €7, and this covered all of our train travel for the day; the main train and the Metro. Kids under 10 travel free in Rome so for just €14 it was really cost effective. It was about a 30 minute train journey (with some changes) to get into Rome. Given the 33 degree heat, we were VERY grateful that public transport in Rome is so cheap and easy – we were able to hop on and off all day!

St Peter's Basilica, Rome, kids, Vatican city, frugal mum family photo, eurocamp holiday review, camping village fabulous

In fact, Rome is actually a pretty affordable place for a day trip as the religious buildings there are all free as well – meaning you can see a lot of places without spending a penny. (It can be a surprisingly cheap day out!) Some places offer additional costs for certain parts of the building, or the museum etc, but the main parts of the buildings can be viewed for free.

trevi fountain rome, italy, frugal mum review, rome in a day, photo, eurocamp holiday, camping village fabulous

Our children really enjoyed Rome – it’s such a unique and interesting place! And, with a lack of tourists due to covid, we just walked right in to everything; perfect with two kiddies in tow! For more information, if you’re thinking of visiting Rome, check out my post: Cheap family travel: How to explore Rome on a budget – in just one day – with kids!)

Rome in a day, frugal mum family photo, pantheon, eurocamp holiday review, photo, camping village fabulous, italy


Was the accommodation good?

We booked with Eurocamp but they, along with lots of other providers, simply place their own accommodation on the sites which are run independently. Our mobile home at Camping Village Fabulous was actually our favourite during the Italian Road trip – and annoyingly it was the one that we spent the least time in!

Camping Village Fabulous, Rome, Italy, Comfort XL mobile home, Eurocamp holiday, frugal mum review, photo

This mobile home was so spacious and it seemed brand new. The Comfort XL (known as Classic XL from 2024) accommodation had two bathrooms (one was an ensuite), three bedrooms and a much bigger living area than anything else we stayed in. It was the only one that had a separate seating area (without a dining table in the centre) and a proper dining table and chairs.

Camping Village Fabulous, Rome, Italy, Comfort XL mobile home, Eurocamp holiday, frugal mum review, photo, classic

In trying to keep our costs down, we’d avoided booking the more expensive mobile homes but this was all that had been available for our chosen dates so we ended up with a little bit of luxury on this one! If there isn’t too much price difference when you’re booking your trip, then it might be worth spending a little extra on a higher standard mobile home.

For more info on the accommodation options, and to find out what to pack / what’s included, read my post: Eurocamp holiday reviews: Which accommodation should I choose? What’s included?

Eurocamp accommodation options title image, mobile home, frugal mum review


What facilities are on site at Camping Village Fabulous?

As we travelled during covid, there wasn’t any scheduled entertainment so I’m not able to comment on that. But the site was clean and well run, and the staff were friendly.

We usually self-cater to keep costs down, but there were restaurants on the campsite and a pool bar too. The campsite had a small supermarket which was equipped with the basics but had very little fresh food.

As we were only here for a few days we didn’t bother to do a local supermarket shop, as we did at the other sites, and just made do with food from the supermarket and the pool bar. The shop was a bit more expensive than those at the other campsites we visited, but it wasn’t really a problem since we didn’t stay for long.

We were able to park directly in front of the mobile home we stayed in, making it easy to load and unload the car of luggage and food shopping.

We paid for Wifi on all of the sites that we visited in Italy, which we then turned on and off as needed so it wasn’t wasted when we weren’t using it. It wasn’t dear (as we only used a small amount each day) but it would have been hard to do without, as we didn’t always have signal on our phones to use our mobile data.

Eurocamp mobile homes are not equipped with TVs, unless you hire from their top range, so it’s handy to take a tablet or laptop with you with some movies for when you want a quiet evening.

All of the Eurocamp reps we met on our trip were friendly, helpful and spoke (or were) English.


How much does a Eurocamp holiday at Camping Village Fabulous cost – was it good value for money?

For us, this campsite gave us the perfect base for exploring Rome without spending a small fortune. We paid around £200 for three nights at Camping Village Fabulous in a Comfort XL mobile home (known as Classic XL from 2024) in mid September.

This mobile home there was our favourite, and the ease in which were able travel into the city was fantastic. Rome is such a unique place and the kids absolutely loved every second. You can read all about our day in Rome, including tips on how to do Rome in a day without spending much money at: Cheap family travel: How to explore Rome on a budget – in just one day – with kids!)

Rome, italy, frugal mum children with ice-cream, eurocamp holiday review, photo, rome in a day, camping village fabulous

If you like to road trip like us, and you’re planning on driving, Camping Village Fabulous is about a 16 hour drive from Calais. But, we had stop overs to break up the journey – you can read all about the road trip, including how much it all cost, here: Our Italian Eurocamp Family Road Trip: What we spent, tips & how to explore Italy with kids on a budget!

how to explore italy on a budget, our eurocamp road trip, family holiday, europe, frugal mum guide, what we spent, tips

If you’d prefer to fly, the closest airport is Rome Fiumicino – just 17.5km away from Camping Village Fabulous. After transfers from the airport, it would be easy to get by using public transport if you’d like to avoid hiring a car.

As we home educate the kids, we are fortunate to be able travel term-time which is a great money saver, but if you’re restricted to school holiday dates then look for May half-term getaways – they’re always so much cheaper than the summer holidays!

For more information, and to check prices for your dates, click here to check out Camping Village Fabulous on the Eurocamp website.


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