Why do we use always Eurocamp to travel in Europe with the kids?

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One question that I get asked a lot, by family and friends as well as Frugal Mum followers, is why do we always use Eurocamp to travel in Europe with the kids? Honestly, it just really works for us, travelling as a family on a small budget and for how we like to explore. We tried Eurocamp for the first time in 2020 and have booked with them ever since – so much so I’ve become known as the Eurocamp lady 😂 – I always get people asking about Eurocamp trips! So, here are 12 reasons why Eurocamp holidays work so well for us, and why we’ve used them time and time again…


1. We love road trips

We live in the South of England and it’s a short and easy drive to Le Shuttle (Formerly Eurotunnel) and the ferry ports, which give us a quick exit to Calais. Once we’re in France we have Europe at our fingers tips, and it’s really easy to get around by road.

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Because Eurocamp is such a big company, there are literally hundreds of campsites for us to choose from, so it makes it really easy for us to hop between them when we’re travelling around. Eurocamp have campsites available across France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland Croatia, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Portugal and Slovenia now too! So, if you’re travelling around Europe by road then Eurocamp holidays work perfectly.


2. We like to self cater

Another reason that we like a Eurocamp style holiday is that it makes it really easy to self cater. They come with fully functional kitchens and decent sized fridges which means that we can stock up on food at a budget supermarket nearby and cook at our holiday home during our stay.

Why do we use always Eurocamp to travel in Europe with the kids, frugal mum venice picnic photo, italy

We rarely eat out on holiday, as we travel for long periods so sticking to a small budget is really important, which means having somewhere to cook is crucial. We pack up picnics every day when we go out, and even fill the freezer with ice-creams so that we don’t need to pay resort prices, and it works well for us as we spend a similar amount to what we would normally at home. (I don’t feel like we’re missing out either – we’ve had some picnics in some incredible places – look at that view!)

Why do we use always Eurocamp to travel in Europe with the kids, frugal mum jungfraujoch photo view, switzerland


3. You get a whole holiday home

Unlike in a hotel, where we end up crammed into one room or a studio, when we book a mobile home we can actually spread out. Travelling for a few weeks at a time means that having a bedroom each is really important (so that the kids don’t get on each other’s nerves!) and now they’re older they definitely need their own space.

Why do we use always Eurocamp to travel in Europe with the kids, frugal mum la chapelle accommodation photo, france

The Eurocamp decking areas are always perfect for chilling outside in the evenings with a card game too, and we can dine inside if the weather lets us down. We’ve even had an XL accommodation with two bathrooms before! And, on our last holiday we had a really cool outdoor sofa area which became our reading spot. You just can’t beat having space to spread out when you’re travelling with kids!

Why do we use always Eurocamp to travel in Europe with the kids, frugal mum beekse bergen accommodation deck photo, netherlands

You can read more about Eurocamp accommodation options here: Eurocamp Holidays: Which accommodation should I choose? What’s included?

Eurocamp accommodation options title image, mobile home, frugal mum review


4. The kids are well entertained

If you’ve ever browsed the Eurocamp website, or been on one of their holidays, you’ll know that you can’t beat the waterslides, swimming pools and onsite facilities when it comes to entertaining the kids. And, when they’re happy, we get peace and quiet – it’s a win win!

Why do we use always Eurocamp to travel in Europe with the kids, south of france waterslide photo

There are also lots of options like kids clubs too, and most campsites will put on family style entertainment in the evenings during the summer months. There are usually playgrounds, as well as the pool areas, and often they’ll be sited nearer a beach and other attractions as well. You can’t get bored on a Eurocamp holiday!

Why do we use always Eurocamp to travel in Europe with the kids, frugal mum la valle gaia tuscany photo, italy


5. Eurocamp campsites are well located

We pick our campsites around the things we’d like to do nearby and the places we’d like to visit. We love holidays that offer a mixture of sunshine and sand, city breaks and sight-seeing. (We don’t like to sit on a sun lounger for long!)

st peters square basilica, rome, italy, vatican city, frugal mum children photo

Loads of the Eurocamp sites are close to cities and other attractions, which means that we can visit those sorts of places without paying extortionate prices for city centre hotels and accommodation. We will just drive in, or train the last bit of the journey, to do our exploring without spending a small fortune. (For more info, check out my article: How to have a European city break with kids on a budget!)

amsterdam frugal mum, city visit with Eurocamp photo of children by canal

So, for properly seeing Europe on a budget with the kids, hopping around the Eurocamp sites has been invaluable. We have made some incredible memories that we just wouldn’t have been able to afford without travelling in the way we do.

Switzerland, Jungfraujoch, snow, glacier, mountain, frugal mum family, children review


6. You don’t pay per person

One of the best thing about Eurocamp style holidays is that instead of paying per person costs (and multiplying everything by four!) the price is per party for each accommodation which makes it much easier for us to travel more frequently and for longer, as we usually pay just a few hundred pounds per week. (In Italy we stayed for 10 days at one campsite in Lake Garda for £250 – just £25 per night!)

Lake Resort Beekse Bergen, Eurocamp holiday, the Netherlands, lake beach, frugal mum with children, photo


7. Eurocamp always have sales and discounts

There are always loads of sales and reductions available on the Eurocamp website, and on top of this, they reward loyalty so we get an extra 5% off every time we book, and the discounts can be combined. Their ‘Special Offers‘ section can be a great place to start too – if you’re flexible about destination, you can work with your budget to find a deal around your dates.

eurocamp holiday price examples, discounts, save money with frugal mum

eurocamp holiday price examples, discounts, save money with frugal mum

You also don’t have to pay for the holiday in full straight away if you book more than 10 weeks in advance, you can just pay a small deposit, so that gives us time to pay a bit off at a time and save up.


8. You can choose your own dates

A huge benefit of booking through Eurocamp is that we can plan our own travel dates. Unlike other holidays with set start / end dates, we can choose to stay somewhere for a few nights or book in for a couple of weeks, arriving and leaving when it suits us.

Why do we use always Eurocamp to travel in Europe with the kids, frugal mum la chapelle photo, south of france waterslides

Because we love a multi-centre holiday, this means that we can use the Eurocamp campsites as a base for a couple of nights as we travel through, or book to stay longer at places we want to do more exploring. Not having set check in / out days makes it a lot less restrictive than other styles of holiday.


9. Lots of campsites come with freebies

Eurocamp holidays are designed to entertain the kids – they’re Finn and Lola’s favourite type of holiday by a mile – so it can be really easy to have fun without spending lots of extra money when we’re away.

For instance, when we stayed at Beekse Bergen Lake Resort in the Netherlands we had free access to the amazing Beekse Bergen Safari Park, Speelland and several other attractions. At the Duinrell Resort we had free access to the theme park during our stay – so the kids could go on the rides as much as they liked!

Duinrell Theme Park Resort, Eurocamp holiday, the Netherlands, rides, rollercoaster, , photo, frugal mum review

In Switzerland, we had free local travel with our stay at Manor Farm campsite so we could explore Interlaken via ferry or bus without it costing us a penny. There are lots of different perks to be found – so check the individual campsite information to see what’s included with your stay.

Interlaken boat, lake thun, switzerland, view, manor farm campsite Eurocamp


10. Eurocamp have excellent customer service

I have to admit that we are those annoying people that often change our travel plans – and I’m very thankful to the Eurocamp Live Chat team for their patience! 😂 We’ve altered dates, tagged on extra destinations, change our travel times, and even swapped a 3 week road trip around France for one in Italy during the pandemic – and they’ve never been anything but helpful.

florence city view, italy road trip, frugal mum photo with children

We’ve only ever made two complaints – for one we were given €100 for a meal out and a holiday home upgrade when it became available. And for the second, which was a noise issue, we were offered a refund for half the cost of the holiday or a £200 Eurocamp voucher. So, I also trust that should we have a problem, Eurocamp will actually go out of their way to solve it or compensate us for the issue.


11. They offer discounted travel on the ferry / channel tunnel

Using the ferry or Le Shuttle instead of flying can be a great way to save money when you’re trying to travel as a family on a small budget. Eurocamp can book these directly for you and, though these costs have gone up with recent price hikes, it’s often cheaper than booking directly – and you can make changes easily too!

The prices fluctuate slightly, but a return on the ferry is typically £100-£150 (it was £112 for an example holiday on 8-15th Aug) and the Le Shuttle Channel Crossing is around £250 (it was £254 for 8-15th Aug). These costs were based on August dates, and it’s similar to what we’ve paid for our holidays in June and September this year, so it seems not to really change during peak school holiday times which is handy to know – and makes a pleasant change!!

Les Lacs Verdon, Regusse, South of France, boat, lake, Eurocamp holiday, frugal mum children


12. Eurocamp holidays can be really cheap!

We’re fortunate to be able to travel term-time as we’re both self-employed and our children are home-schooled. This means that we have complete flexibility to go away when we choose. We usually like to travel in September when prices are cheapest, and the campsites are quieter, but the weather is still nice.

Camping Cisano San Vito, Lake Garda, Italy, slides, flume, swimming pool, Eurocamp holiday, photo, review, frugal mum

We’ve generally paid around £200-£400 per week for accommodation on our trips, and the amazing pools, flumes and facilities on the campsites that we’ve visited have made our Eurocamp holidays fantastic value for money.

Why do we use always Eurocamp to travel in Europe with the kids, frugal mum view of lake Thun in Switzerland, photo

Having said that, I completely appreciate that if you’re travelling during the school holidays it might be more expensive – so check out my Eurocamp Holiday Guide with tips on how to save money on your Eurocamp holiday. And, if you’re restricted to school holiday dates then look for May half-term getaways – they’re always so much cheaper than the summer holidays! (I recently found 78 campsites under £300 for May-half term dates, and there are plenty around £600 or less over the summer holidays too!)

eurocamp review, complete holiday guide, FAQs, frugal mum

If you need to book your getaway during the school summer holidays, over July and August, and you’d like to find something affordable with Eurocamp check out my article: Budget Family Summer Getaways: July & August school holiday deals under £1000!


Ready for an adventure? Head to the Eurocamp website to create your perfect family summer getaway.

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