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Welcome to Frugal Mum! Join me for family frugal living tips and UK / European budget family travel and days out reviews, inspiration and money saving ideas!

Who is Frugal Mum?

A bit about me…

Hi, I’m Natalie Smith – AKA Frugal Mum. I’m a frugal, homeschooling mum living on the Kent coast with my husband Jay, our two children Finn (13) and Lola (11) and our dog Milo.

An ex-primary school teacher, I now work as a tutor alongside my role as a family money saving and travel blogger, and content creator! I hope that my website will help you and your family to save money on the boring stuff, so that there’s more available for making memories and having fun! Let’s spend less and live more!

I’ve recently jumped into the world of video – so come and join me on Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok! We’re really keen travellers, so follow my social media for UK and European budget family travel tips, reviews and inspiration! Having travel as our goal really helps to keep us motivated with our day-to-day frugal living habits – the more we can save, the more we can explore! (So definitely make sure that you have a goal to keep your money saving journey on track!)


How did Frugal Mum start?

There was a time when our income was very small, so I had to become pretty good at keeping costs down so that we could stay afloat. When our son was born, just two weeks after my 21st birthday, I was in the middle of a teaching degree with no income, my husband was working as a junior web developer earning about £18,000 a year, so to say that we had to live a very frugal lifestyle would be an understatement!

Our daughter arrived less than two years later, completing our little family, and I qualified as a teacher and began working part-time, but things were still tight. We didn’t have the spare money for expensive treats and luxuries, but we also wanted to give our children a good childhood.

DIY and second-hand shopping allowed us to furnish and decorate our family home on a budget; Sun Newspaper holidays allowed us to have family getaways for under £100; and free days out enjoying nature (with plenty of picnics!) gave us wonderful weekends and fond memories without the big bill. Fortunately, our finances are easier nowadays but budgeting has become a habit and, with the UK cost of living crisis, we’ve no choice but to be careful with our spending. (And with recent interest rate hikes we’re on a mission to clear the mortgage asap too!)

By cutting costs on every day essentials and entertaining the children on a budget, we’re able to set some money aside for the things that we love to indulge in – mostly travelling across the UK and Europe with the kids as much as we can! (We’re totally addicted to Eurocamp road trips!) I created Frugal Mum for like-minded parents to join me on my frugal quest to enjoy family life on a budget without missing out on all the fun!

Being frugal doesn’t mean that you can’t ever treat yourself, travel or splurge once in a while – at least that’s not how I do it! But, when we spend less on the things that aren’t really enhancing our lives or giving us any joy (like bills and the weekly food shop!) we can save up for the things that are important to us.

Spend less on your everyday living costs and you’ll be able to live more – I promise! Plus, there’s a lot of joy to be found in a more simple, minimalist and frugal lifestyle. So – whether you’re wanting to save up to travel, buy your first house, clear debt, pay off your mortgage or whatever it is your heart desires – you’ve come to the right place. Follow my tips and your family’s finances will be back on track in no time!


Where else can you find me?

I partnered with HMRC to be the face of their Child Benefit online campaign – raising awareness for their new digital application process, to make it even easier for new parents to apply – filming an advert at our home, writing an article and providing a quote for their Press Notice.


In 2023, I worked on a big article for a pull out in the Daily Mail – sharing my money saving tips for their ‘Beat the Squeeze’ campaign! Want to save £3k for your summer holiday? I’ve got you covered! 😉

Frugal Mum, Natalie Smith, Daily Mail article, cost of living crisis, beat the squeeze, how to save £3k for your summer holiday


I’ve been a guest blogger for websites like Preloved.

Frugal Mum, Natalie Smith, Preloved guest blog article, how to home teach your children


I feature at number 10 on Feedspot’s Top 15 UK Budget Blogs. And, have had my articles shared on lots of social media pages and websites such as Eurocamp, Quidco, The Parent Bible, Twinkl and The Real Deal of Parenting. And, I work more closely with brands, like Eurocamp, as part of a paid partnership too.

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I recently, ironically while on a UK Staycation in the Peak District, did a live segment sharing my UK Staycation on a Budget tips on BBC London Radio too. Frugal family travel on a budget is definitely my speciality! (And let’s face it the less we spend on a trip the more often we can travel!)


Work with me

If you’d like to work together on a money-saving article, a brand collaboration, or you’d like me to do a Press Trip to review a holiday or day out – I’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch at hello@frugalmum.co.uk.


Becoming more frugal

If you’re just getting started with a more simple, frugal lifestyle – and your family would love to start saving some money – check out my article:

The Ultimate Family Frugal Living Guide: 25 simple tips to save you money!

ultimate family frugal living guide, frugal mum tips, 25 ways to save money, simple lifestyle

I hope that I can help you and your family to make your money go further – we work too hard not to use it wisely! Becoming a more conscious, thoughtful consumer is the perfect first step to changing your spending habits permanently.


Stay in touch

I hope that you find my website useful, and enjoy following our journey. Just cutting back a fiver each day will see you with an extra £1800 at the end of the year – the little changes really do add up! (Turn that family holiday dream into a reality!) Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and Pinterest.

Good luck on your journey to frugality!

Spend less but live more! 🙂

Nat x

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