Eurocamp Holiday Review: Camping La Chapelle, Argelès-sur-Mer, Roussillon, South of France

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Looking for a fun family holiday to the South of France on a budget? This Eurocamp Holiday Review is all about Camping La Chapelle (in Argelès-sur-Mer, Roussillon, South of France). I’ve included our experiences, photos, details about the Eurocamp accommodation, what there is to do locally, the closest airport, Calais driving time and everything else that you need to know!

Holiday: September 2022 (Updated January 2024)

Camping La Chapelle

In September 2022, we embarked on another road trip – this time we began in Paris, then travelled down to the South of France for 12 days (splitting our time between Camping La Chapelle and Les Lacs du Verdon Campsite) before finishing our holiday with a week in Switzerland at Manor Farm Campsite.

To make the trip affordable, we used Eurocamp sites as cheap bases to hop between. Camping La Chapelle, on the seafront, was our first stop once we were down in the South of France.

La Chapelle, Argeles sur mur, South of France, frugal mum, children in swimming pool, Eurocamp holiday, review, photo


What was Camping La Chapelle like?

Camping La Chapelle is in a great spot – everything you need is just a short walk away from the campsite. It’s based in the heart of the busy resort of Argelès-sur-Mer alongside the beach, and this resort is a great option if you’re looking for a holiday that doesn’t require a car.

We spent 6 nights there and it was a real mixed bag. Whilst the resort itself was really good, and the kids loved the pool, our location on the campsite somewhat spoiled things – I’ll explain what I mean in the accommodation section below.

La Chapelle, Argeles sur mer, South of France, review Eurocamp holiday, frugal mum family photo on beach


What was the swimming pool like?

The main pool was great – it had shallow and deeper areas, so the children could choose to play in areas they could stand up, or go a little deeper when they wanted to. Even out of season, at the beginning of September, the pool area could get quite busy – we occasionally couldn’t get enough sun loungers or had to drag them around to get a couple together. So, I imagine in peak season it could get pretty busy.

La Chapelle, Argeles sur mer, South of France, swimming pool photo, Eurocamp holiday, frugal mum review

The play area and waterslides were fantastic, and a real selling point for visiting Camping La Chapelle. With the kids being that much older now, the larger flumes were a great bonus. On the days we weren’t out and about, or when we needed to cool off when we got back, the pool kept the kids busy for hours.

La Chapelle, Argeles sur mer, South of France, waterslides, flumes, Eurocamp holiday, frugal mum review, photo

The pool area was clean, and there were lifeguards but they were quite disinterested so that’s something to be aware of. In France, males are required to wear speedos rather than loose swimming shorts – so make sure you grab some for the suitcase before you go.


Local Area:

What is there to do near Camping La Chapelle?

As I mentioned before, Camping La Chapelle is in the heart of the bustling resort of Argelès-sur-Mer, which was really handy for exploring on foot. If you’re flying, rather than driving for your holiday, the location of the campsite would work particularly well to allow you to avoid the additional cost of hiring a rental car.

The closest airport is Perpignan, which is 35km away from the campsite, but after a transfer you could easily explore without a car. The campsite is situated right next to shops, restaurants, a market and the sandy beach front so there’s a lot going on locally on your doorstep.

La Chapelle, Argeles sur mer, South of France, frugal mum children on beach, Eurocamp holiday review, photo

We really enjoyed being able to have a wander in the evenings when it had cooled down, and the area had a nice holiday vibe.  Having said that, even at the beginning of September (so out peak season) it was pretty busy – so if you prefer a quieter destination than this one may not be for you.

Bakeries and supermarkets can be reached on foot, but a short car journey allowed us to hunt out a Lidl which was cheaper than the smaller supermarkets by the campsite.

For a change of scenery, we also had a beach day at a nearby bay. Parking at the top of a hill, it was a bit of a trek down to the water in the heat, but it was a lovely clean area and the kids enjoyed being able to use their inflatables which unfortunately weren’t permitted in the resort swimming pool.

La Chapelle, Argeles sur mer, South of France, beach, Eurocamp holiday, frugal mum children in sea, review, photo

To be honest, we largely didn’t explore further than we could on foot – it was nice to have a break from the car. This was the first ‘chill out’ part of our trip, after a few busy days in Paris – so we were quite happy to hang around the pool and beach, making the most of the sunshine!


Was the accommodation good?

We booked with Eurocamp but they, along with lots of other providers, simply place their own accommodation on the sites which are run independently. At Camping La Chapelle, we decided to book an Azure mobile home (known as Comfort Plus / Premium from 2024) because these tend to be newer and we weren’t disappointed!

The accommodation itself was brilliant – it seemed brand new, the space was well laid out and it functioned well. Everything was clean and the lovely decking area with loungers was a real bonus, it was a great mobile home.

La Chapelle, Argeles sur mer, South of France, premium accommodation azure, mobile home, Eurocamp holiday, frugal mum review, photo

But we did have one big issue, and that was its location on the campsite. We were placed (alongside all of the other Azure mobile homes) directly next to the entertainment stage. However, when we checked in, the rep mistakenly informed us that the entertainment was finished for the season so, none the wiser, we unpacked our things and didn’t think much of it until the evening came.

Unfortunately, she was mistaken and the entertainment hadn’t yet finished – the noise was so loud that the caravan shook with the beat of the music – continuing until near midnight most nights. Unfortunately, there was nowhere for us to be moved to so we tried to make the best of it and didn’t bother trying to sleep until it had finished – though this would have been even more difficult had we had younger children. And, by the end of the week we were exhausted.

La Chapelle, Argeles sur mer, South of France, premium accommodation azure, mobile home, Eurocamp holiday, frugal mum review, photo

Having said that, I complained when we got back and Eurocamp offered us a £200 holiday voucher or a 50% refund without any fuss – so it was dealt with well. And, I have to add that this is a recurring theme – we’ve always found Eurocamp extremely helpful to deal with whenever we’ve complained or needed any assistance.

If you’re booking a trip to Camping La Chapelle, don’t let this put you off, aside from the noise issue it was actually a really great spot for a holiday – just avoid the Azure mobile homes as they’re all in the same stage area! Unfortunately, the mobile homes are placed by the campsite, so it’s not something that Eurocamp can control.

For more info on the accommodation options, and to find out what to pack / what’s included, read my post: Eurocamp holiday reviews: Which accommodation should I choose? What’s included?

Eurocamp accommodation options title image, mobile home, frugal mum review


What facilities are on site at Camping La Chapelle?

Aside from the entertainment being so close that it may as well have been in our living room, the content of it was actually ok. There were quizzes, bingo, karaoke, a singer – the usual sort of thing – and the friendly hosts spoke in French and English. The kids enjoyed it and, had we been able to escape it when we wanted some sleep, it would have been a positive of the trip.

We always self-cater to keep costs down, but there were plenty of restaurants around and a pool bar on site too. The campsite had a small shop, equipped with the basics and fresh bread but, with shops and bakeries on our doorstep just outside of the campsite, we didn’t use the one on site at all.

We were able to park directly across from the mobile home we stayed in, making it easy to load and unload the car of luggage and food shopping. There was also a play park nearby.

Eurocamp mobile homes are not equipped with TVs, unless you hire from their top range, so it’s handy to take a tablet or laptop with you with some movies for when you want a quiet evening.

All of the Eurocamp reps we met on our trip were friendly, helpful and spoke (or were) English.


How much does a Eurocamp holiday at Camping La Chapelle cost – was it good value for money?

For our holiday at the beginning of September, we paid around £300 for 6 nights at Camping La Chapelle and, had we not had the noise issue, I’m not sure there would have been any negatives. The site itself was well located and clean, and the Azure mobile home (known as Comfort Plus / Premium from 2024) was lovely, so yes for everything on offer it was definitely good value for money. This campsite is around an 11.5 hour drive from Calais if you’re using the Channel Tunnel and arriving by car.

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How to road trip on a budget around Europe, the ultimate family guide, frugal mum tips

The position of the site in the town, and directly on the seafront, made it a fun place to visit. And, the site itself was perfect for entertaining the kids – with the big waterslides, the pool was a real highlight of the trip.

La Chapelle, Argeles sur mer, South of France, waterslide, Eurocamp holiday review, frugal mum child photo

As we home educate the kids, we are fortunate to be able travel term-time which is a great money saver, but if you’re restricted to school holiday dates then look for May half-term getaways – they’re always so much cheaper than the summer holidays!

But, having said that, affordable school summer holiday travel is possible – I went hunting on the Eurocamp website and found 35 family holidays under £1k! (There were more but I ran out of steam! 😂) So if you do need school holiday dates – this article is a great place to start: Budget Family Summer Getaways: July & August school holiday deals under £1000!

For more information, and to check prices for your dates, click here to check out Camping La Chapelle on the Eurocamp website.


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Ready for an adventure? Head to the Eurocamp website to create your perfect family summer holiday.

Manor Farm Campsite, Interlaken, Switzerland, lake, Eurocamp Holiday

  1. Hi Natalie, I am looking at going to la chapelle do you have any more details about which cabins are located where in the park? Thanks

    1. Hi Sarah,
      Sorry I don’t – you could try Eurocamp Live Chat, they’re brilliant on there – I’m not certain whether they’d actually have that info, but worth a try. Eurocamp are allocated their spaces by the parks they work with which are run separately. Avoid the Azures though, despite being great mobiles homes (and what we always try to book) the whole lot are right by the stage area.
      Other than that, we really loved the site – excellent pools etc and location, so have fun!
      Nat x

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