The 99p wax strips that I can’t live without – DIY beauty on a budget!

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Updated January 2023

I’ve learnt over the years that sometimes beauty products are worth the investment and that often you get what you pay for.  However, a few years ago I discovered an amazing product and I still cannot believe the price tag!  I’d always used Nair hair removal wax strips, but became frustrated at the cost.  A box of 20 strips would set me back about £6 and so often there would be unusable strips in the box, where they wouldn’t peel away properly.

So, on my next visit to Home Bargains, I decided to look at the alternatives available.  Here I found a brand called ‘Vital‘ and, at just 99p for 36 face / underarm strips or £1.29 for 20 body strips, I eagerly threw them into my trolley. Well, I’m embarrassed to admit that when I got them home I chickened out.

As someone who has allergies to makeup, certain shampoos etc, I’m very cautious when I introduce a new product into my beauty regime, and I just couldn’t bring myself to use them.  So, into the cupboard they went and I forgot about them for a couple of weeks.

The next time I decided to de-fuzz, I got my trusty Nair strips out and set about fixing my bikini line but most of the packet was unusable as they wouldn’t peel apart. Frustrated, I decided to be brave and test the Vital strips – I’m so pleased that I did; they’re brilliant!  The green, gel-like strips peel apart easily, so I’ve never had to waste a single strip.

They’re by far the best at home wax strips I’ve ever used – I get no reaction to them, and very little soreness.  They are large and very effective, which has cut down the amount needed per waxing session. I simply cut them into smaller sections to make waxing easier. They also contain aloe vera which I think accounts for how quickly the redness disappears.

Online, I’ve spotted them on Ebay for around £3 – so if you can’t find them in store, that’s still a much cheaper option than the big brand equivalents. I’ve been using these for nearly 5 years now – I love them!


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