Places kids eat free (or for £1) during the summer holidays 2024

Here are lots of places that kids can eat for free (or for £1) during the UK summer holidays 2024. The school holidays can be super expensive and this year, with so much rain, entertaining the kids indoors (and skipping the picnic) certainly won’t help matters. To help you stick to a budget for your days out and UK staycations, here’s a list of lots of places you can feed the family cheaply. And, if you come across more pop them in the comments to help other parents and grandparents to keep costs down.

Click to download a printable PDF, or save it to your phone, so you can hunt out the best places to eat out affordably whilst the kids are off from school.

Places kids eat free or for £1 during the summer holidays 2024, money saving tips, frugal mum


Save on eating out and days out with Kids Pass

Another way to save a small fortune this summer is to sign up to Kids Pass for a month’s trial for just a quid!  Enjoy the perks and either continue your subscription or cancel prior to your trial ending to make sure no further charges are taken. If you want to continue your subscription, you can do so for just a few pounds each month – allowing you to enjoy the huge savings available year round.

Using their app, you can save on the go and search for things to do and restaurants near you. It’s a great option for saving during the summer holidays, even if cancelled afterwards.

The perks are:


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And, you can have lots of fun at home too!

The school holidays can be hard going, particularly the long six week summer break. So if you’re exhausted, out of money, or the weather is grotty, you might just want to snuggle up at home! Download my free, printable 30 day kids’ activity calendar for lots of ideas on how to keep the little ones busy on a budget without even leaving the house! Happy holidays! 😍

30 day kids school holiday activity grid, entertain kids at home, frugal mum printable


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