How can my child get a Blue Peter Badge? Enjoy over 200 free days out to UK attractions!

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Want to enjoy over 200 UK free days out to UK attractions? Then it’s time for your child to send off for their Blue Peter Badge. I only discovered this a few years ago – and wish I’d known sooner – but the Blue Peter Badge scheme is absolutely brilliant. There are eight different badges that your child can apply for, and once they’ve been awarded their very own badge they’ll gain free entry to loads of UK attractions! (So, it’s well worth an afternoon of crafting or story writing!)

When the kids are free, it halves the cost of so many pricey days out around the UK. It’s a great way to entertain the kids on a budget at the weekends, and really useful for cheap days out when you’re on holiday. Whenever we travel in the UK, we always take the badges with us and see what’s on offer close by to where we’re staying.

So, keep reading to find out all about what Blue Peter Badges are, how they work, where you can visit for free, which badges are available and how to apply. They’re a great way to make the summer holidays more affordable – just be sure to apply in time!


What is a Blue Peter Badge?

A Blue Peter Badge is a special award given to people who appear on the show, or earn one by posting in an application. Applicants must be 6 to 15 years old. There are eight different badges up for grabs, some are easier to get your hands on than others, and they’re totally free.


Why apply – what does a Blue Peter Badge get you?

Blue Peter Badge holders can get free entry to over 200 Blue Peter Badge attractions around the country such as theme parks, zoos and castles. Just check their website before you book a day out, to see if the kids can enter for free. Adults will still need to purchase an entrance ticket as usual, but with the kids going free it makes your day out so much more affordable!


Attractions: Where can you go for free with a Blue Peter Badge?

Here are just a few examples of the places that you can visit for free with a Blue Peter Badge…  Blue Peter badge attractions, free days out in the UK, how to apply, frugal mum guide Blue Peter badge attractions, free days out in the UK, how to apply, frugal mum guide

Use this link to check out all of the UK attractions that can be visited for free with a Blue Peter Badge:


How does it work – how can my child get a Blue Peter Badge?

Your child can get their Blue Peter Badge by completing a relevant activity – have a look at the different badge colours below and what they mean for more info and ideas. It can be something as simple as drawing a picture, writing a story or a letter, or creating something crafty.

Please be aware that Blue Peter get thousands of applications and they read them all, so it takes a while to receive the badge. Don’t expect to hear from them for a few weeks/months. To have your child’s badge ready for the summer holidays, be sure to complete the application by May time.

Children must apply for badges themselves but those with additional needs can have support from a grown-up when they make their application.

When your child receives their Blue Peter badge, check the letter that comes with it. The letter will either confirm that your Blue Peter badge card will be arriving in the near future or, if they need extra info, they’ll ask you to register your details with the badge ID card form.

Your child will need to take their badge ID card and their badge to gain free entry to the attractions when you enjoy your days out – so remember to keep them somewhere safe! (Accompanying adults will need to pay for their entry as usual.)


How long are Blue Peter badges valid for – do they expire?

Your child’s Blue Peter Badge will be valid until their 16th birthday – so you can benefit from a decade of cheap days out and lots of fun exploring the wide range of attractions available in the UK under the scheme.


Which Blue Peter Badge should I get?

Here’s a list of all the Blue Peter badges your little one’s can apply for. Please note that the application process for each badge is different, so click on the various links below to get instructions on how to apply for that particular badge – they’ll take you through to the relevant page on the Blue Peter website.

Blue Peter badge attractions, free days out in the UK, how to apply, frugal mum guide, image of badges

Blue badges

Blue badges are awarded for sending in interesting letters, stories, makes, pictures, poems, good ideas for the programme, and for having appeared on Blue Peter. Find out how to post your application and what to include here.

My children sent in stories for their blue badges – and they received lovely letters back with their badges, referencing the plots of their stories which was a really thoughtful touch.


Green badges

You child can get a Green Badge for becoming a Blue Peter Climate Hero. They have to complete three pledges to help the environment, for at least two weeks. Photos and artwork can then be uploaded to show how much they care about nature, the environment and our planet. Find out how to apply for your Green Badge here! 


Silver badges

Silver badges are awarded to Blue badge holders who go the extra mile to achieve even more! For example, if your child won a Blue badge for an interesting letter or email, they could win a Silver badge by sending in something different such as artwork or a poem. Find out how to post your application and what to include here.


Purple Fan Club badges

Is your child a Blue Peter super fan? Purple badges are awarded for joining the Blue Peter fan club and answering some questions about the show and the website. You can apply online, or print off the Purple badge form, fill it in and send it to them by post. Find out more about applying for a Purple Fan Club badge.


Music badges

Ed Sheeran designed a special Blue Peter music badge – this one’s awarded to those who show off their passion for music by learning a new instrument or being part of a musical performance. Here’s how to apply for a Music badge.


Sport badges

The Sport badge is awarded to your child for getting active and trying a sport that they have never tried before. Find out more about how to apply for the Sport badge here – the latest badge was designed by footballer Leah Williamson.


Orange badges

Orange badges are given to winners and runners up of Blue Peter competitions. To have a chance of winning one of these badges you have to enter a Blue Peter competition but there’s no guarantee of a badge, and these only run during certain times of the year. For more information visit the competition page.


Gold badges

Only a few Gold Badges are awarded – these are for outstanding achievements, for example being solely responsible for saving someone’s life, or showing amazing and unique bravery, courage and citizenship. Apply for a Gold badge. (Your child must already have at least one of the other badges).


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