10 reasons why you should visit Luxembourg with kids

Here are 10 reasons why you should definitely visit Luxembourg with kids, so if you’re wondering whether it’s worth a trip then keep reading and you’ll soon be convinced! We loved exploring this beautiful country, and it’s the perfect family road trip destination as it’s not far from the UK. Here’s why you’ll want to check out Luxembourg with the kids for a family holiday…

1. Public transport in Luxembourg is free

Public transport across the whole country is free – so you can get around via tram, train or bus without spending a penny. This is really handy for little legs if you’re exploring Luxembourg City, as you can hop on and off as you like without worrying about the cost.

The public transport in Luxembourg is also really efficient, with bus stops everywhere (even in the middle of the countryside) and buses in the city coming every few minutes. If you’re flying into Luxembourg airport, you can reach the city centre via public transport in about 15 minutes – so no need for expensive transfers.

10 reasons why you should visit Luxembourg with kids, frugal mum photo on bus luxembourg city


2. It’s perfect for a road trip

Calais to Luxembourg is only a four hour drive, so Luxembourg is the perfect destination for a road trip from the UK, or a stop off on your travels towards sunshine! We travelled at the edge of France, and then through Belgium, and the whole route was toll free too.

When I contacted Eurocamp recently for up-to-date prices, though things fluctuate slightly, the cost of a return trip on the ferry was around £120, whilst Le Shuttle was £250. It does add an extra hour onto your journey to opt for the ferry over the Channel Tunnel, but it’s around half the cost so it should definitely be considered if you’re trying to travel on a small budget. (And booking directly through providers like Eurocamp when you book your accommodation will usually be at a discounted rate too.)

frugal mum luxembourg city photo of view and family, 10 reasons why you should visit Luxembourg with kids


3. Luxembourg is easy to visit on a budget

We stayed with Eurocamp at Birkelt Camping Village  – and it was less than £250 for 5 nights. (Though we were looking at that price per night had we stayed in the city centre!). So pick a campsite and, even though Luxembourg is an affluent country, it’s actually really easy to visit on a budget if you avoid expensive accommodation options.

On top of this, of all of the cities in Europe that we’ve visited, we found Luxembourg City to be one of the easiest places to explore on a budget. Park at the Rue de Bouillon Park and Ride – which gives 24 hours of free parking – and get a free 10 minute bus ride into the city centre.

Explore the main sights for free using the 2.5km Wenzel Circular Walking Route to see the Grand Ducal Palace, the Cathedral, Neumunster Abbey, the Adolphe Bridge, Rham Plateau and Bock Promontory. As cities go, I think you’d be hard pushed to find a more stunning place for a family day out.

There’s also a free panoramic lift viewing point, and if you want to go inside the Cathedral that’s free too. For more info, check out my article: How to visit Luxembourg City on a budget with kids!

how to visit luxembourg city with kids on a budget, frugal mum travel tips


4. Luxembourg City is really clean and safe

Luxembourg City is a really safe city to visit – I think it’s the least city-like place we’ve ever visited and it’s the safest we’ve felt exploring a city with the kids in Europe. It’s calm, insanely clean, and it has a low crime rate.

There are public toilets dotted everywhere which are spotless and monitored, with free sanitary items too. It’s like they’ve thought of everything in Luxembourg City – it couldn’t be an easier place to visit!

frugal mum luxembourg city photo of view on wenzel circular walking route ducal palace


5. Everywhere is beautiful

We were blown away by the beauty of Luxembourg. The old parts of the city, the quaint towns and the woodland filling all of the spaces in between were just stunning. We loved the general vibe and style of the places and buildings – which my daughter compared to our time in Bern in Switzerland. You just won’t tire of the amazing views, stunning architecture and natural beauty of the whole country.

frugal mum luxembourg city photo of view on wenzel circular walking route, 10 reasons why you should visit Luxembourg with kids


6. The attractions are affordable

If you want to venture inside some of the attractions (in and outside of the city – there are lots of castles a short drive away) then it might be worth getting a Luxembourg Card. For 2024 it costs €14 for one day / €22 for 2 days / €31 for 3 days and it’ll get you in to lots of the main attractions for free or at a discounted rate so you can avoid lots of individual entry prices.

Even without the Luxembourg Card, we also thought that lots of attractions were much more reasonably priced than places we’ve visited on other family holidays or even when exploring the UK at home. Vianden Chairlift was €28 for our family of four, entrance to the castle was also cheap, and again there was free parking in the town.

10 reasons why you should visit Luxembourg with kids, vianden chairlift


7. Everyone in Luxembourg is friendly

We found everyone in Luxembourg to be so friendly and welcoming. The roads were calm, with everyone sticking to the speed limits, people were polite and helpful, and we had no problem communicating because everyone seemed to speak at least some English. In fact, the people in Luxembourg speak a mix of French, German, Luxembourgish and Portuguese – so they are insanely talented with languages.

10 reasons why you should visit Luxembourg with kids, vianden town photo


8. There’s lots of nature to explore

Luxembourg is absolutely stunning, with a brilliant blend of history and culture, alongside glorious forests and nature. We love exploring in the wilderness, and it’s something that our children always look forward to when we’re travelling somewhere new.

So, for countryside and beautiful woodland walks, Luxembourg is a great option. Visit Mersch to wander the old castle ruins, or take on a trail in the Mullerthal Region. We loved our morning at the Schiessentumpel Waterfalls.

10 reasons why you should visit Luxembourg with kids, schiessentumpel waterfalls, larochette, mullerthal region


9. It isn’t over crowded

Luxembourg is often overlooked as a tourist destination so even in peak season (June – August) when it’s at its warmest you won’t need to worry about crowded streets and tourists everywhere. The Winterlights Festival in December could be another good time to visit – adding in a bit of Christmas magic without the busyness that comes with other popular European Christmas attractions and markets. So if you’re wondering when to visit there really is something in Luxembourg for every season!

frugal mum luxembourg city photo of view on wenzel circular walking route


10. Luxembourg is so easy to get around

Luxembourg is so small that you can literally drive from one end of the country to the other in about 90 minutes. This has got to make it the easiest country ever to get around, and it makes it really simple for you to check off everything on your Luxembourg wish list in just one visit. You can explore Luxembourg City, check out quaint little towns and roam the forests, without spending half of your holiday in the car!

10 reasons why you should visit Luxembourg with kids, schiessentumpel waterfalls, larochette, mullerthal region

Honestly, we really loved exploring Luxembourg so if you’re looking for a unique holiday in a safe and beautiful country then it’s a great option for a family break with the kids! And, if you’re travelling on a budget, check out where we stayed for cheap accommodation:

Eurocamp Holiday Review: Birkelt Village Campsite, Larochette, Mullerthal, Luxembourg

Eurocamp Holiday Review, Birkelt Village Campsite, Larochette, Luxembourg


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