Review: Are Faith in Nature products good? Affordable, natural, eco-friendly shampoo!

Looking for an affordable, natural, eco-friendly shampoo? Then you’ll definitely want to read this review to find out whether Faith in Nature products are any good!

I get excited when companies contact me to offer their products – if they’re confident enough in what they sell to send it for free, with no guarantee of a positive review, then it usually means that they’ve got something good to offer.

I have really sensitive skin, and I can’t tolerate products with fragrance, so finding affordable options that won’t cause a reaction can be tough. So, when Faith in Nature reached out to offer their products I told them I was allergic to life 😂, but they simply said – we’ve got just the products for you.

So, my review of their eco-friendly shampoo, conditioner and body wash. (Including answers to questions like: are the products chemical and cruelty free; which shampoo is best for different hair types; are the products affordable; and lots more!)

What is Faith in Nature?

Faith in Nature is an ethical, sustainable and award winning natural beauty product company – offering hair, skin, body and home care items. I’m always looking for products that are as high quality and natural as possible, from companies that work hard to reduce their contribution to our environmental issues – Faith in Nature definitely deliver on this.

Although the products are in plastic bottles, they’re recyclable and they offer 5L (and 20L!) large bottles for refilling/decanting which is a great option if you find a product that you would otherwise buy regularly. (You can use their refill bottle with a handy pump alongside these.) They do sell some products in shampoo / conditioner bars but not yet the fragrance free – though I will definitely give those a go should they add them to their range.

faith in nature zero waste products, shampoo, condition, refillable frugal mum review


Are Faith in Nature products chemical and cruelty free?

The whole ethos of Faith in Nature is that they try to ensure that their products are as natural as they can be. Everything they sell is cruelty free and vegan, and they use as few ingredients as possible. None of the products contain silicones, parabens or SLS.

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If you love the Faith in Nature brand, you might want to check out their gentle home care products too – they also have a laundry detergent and a washing up liquid. Keep your eyes peeled too – their product range seems to be growing all the time – they even offer dog shampoo now!


Where is Faith in Nature based?

All of the Faith in Nature products are UK made, for a smaller carbon footprint, and they care about the environment – planting a tree for every order made. The items that I received were sent in an eco-friendly cardboard box which could be easily re-used or recycled. If you’re trying to shop in the most sustainable way, then their zero waste hair care / body bundles might be the right option for you, as they’ll arrive plastic-free and with limited packaging.


Are Faith in Nature products good?

These are the particular products that I received and tried…

faith in nature fragrance free products, shampoo, condition, body wash, frugal mum review

I always get nervous testing new products, simply because there’s nothing worse than riding out a bad allergic reaction! But I’m happy to report that I was absolutely fine with the Faith in Nature fragrance free products – not only that but I fell in love with this shampoo and conditioner!

The hair products really were the star of the show – shiny, smooth hair that doesn’t get greasy quickly, blow-dries beautifully and doesn’t feel sticky when you lather and rinse. Whilst I thought that the body wash was good (but on par with my usual brand) the shampoo and conditioner surpassed what I was using and I’ve not used anything else since!

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Which Faith in Nature eco shampoo is best?

I would highly recommend giving their fragrance free products a go, if you’re like me and you struggle with allergies or sensitive skin. But, dependent on your hair type, there are some other Faith in Nature products that you might want to check out:

faith in nature zero waste products, shampoo, condition, soap frugal mum review


Are Faith in Nature products affordable?

So many eco / allergy friendly products cost the absolute earth, and whilst we’d all like to do our part for the planet, oftentimes it’s just not affordable or realistic to do so. What I love about my new shampoo and conditioner is that it’s £6 a bottle which is largely similar to anything you’d find in the local supermarket or chemist. (Lots of their products have a third off at the moment too on their website and elsewhere!)

They charge just £3 for a bar of soap – they’ve made some great products, and they’re affordable too, for which I applaud them. I’d like to finish by saying that, whilst I am now affiliated with them, I haven’t been paid for this review – and there was no obligation for me to write a thing! So why have I?

Credit where credit is due – my daughter and I have been using their products for almost a year now (I’ve since bought my own!) and we love them, so I’m more than happy to spread the joy! Don’t believe me? Head over to their website and try their products for yourself! 😍

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