How to make your own animal safe reindeer food

Traditionally ‘reindeer food’ is usually oats mixed with glitter, but glitter is bad news for the birds and wildlife in our gardens. So, with that in mind, I set out on a quest to make reindeer food that was animal safe – whilst still colourful and magical.

Here’s how in three simple steps…

Step 1

Mix porridge oats with edible glitter and ice-cream sprinkles – I just raid my pantry draw, but you can pick all of these items up cheaply from bargain shops, supermarkets or places like Poundland. You don’t need very much of any of these ingredients, so don’t go overboard.


Step 2

Put your mixture into little envelopes – avoid sandwich bags or cellophane wrap here to be more eco-friendly. Fill an envelope for each of your kiddies.


Step 3

Download my cute label, then print as many times as needed and stick onto the envelopes. Give your little ones the finished reindeer food on Christmas Eve to sprinkle across the garden before bed – it’s as easy as that!


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