How to make your own animal safe reindeer food – recipe with a FREE, printable poem!

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What is reindeer food? Traditionally ‘reindeer food’ is usually oats mixed with glitter – given to children to sprinkle on the lawn on Christmas Eve – ready for Santa to visit with his reindeers. It’s a great addition to a December Box or Christmas Eve Box too.

But to make sure it’s not dangerous for the birds and wildlife in our gardens, as well as any pets that might fancy a nibble, it’s important to make it without glitter or anything inedible. (If you’re wondering how it disappears – that’s usually down to the birds!)

With that in mind, here’s how to make your own animal safe reindeer food (that’s still magical and colourful!) in three simple steps – including a recipe and a free, printable poem.


Step 1

Mix porridge oats or bird seed with edible glitter / ice-cream sprinkles / colourful cereal – I just raid my pantry draw, but you can pick all of these items up cheaply from bargain shops, supermarkets or places like Poundland. You don’t need very much of any of these ingredients, so don’t go overboard.

sprinkles, frugal mum reindeer food ingredients guide


Step 2

Put your mixture into little envelopes – avoid sandwich bags or cellophane wrap here to be more eco-friendly. Fill an envelope for each of your kiddies.

brown envelopes and a pencil, frugal mum reindeer food ingredients instructions


Step 3

To add to the magic, use my free, printable reindeer food poem to label your children’s envelopes – printing as many times as needed. Give the finished reindeer food to your little ones on Christmas Eve to sprinkle across the garden before bed – it’s as easy as that! Don’t forget to hang your Santa key on the door too!

frugal mum, homemade reindeer food poem label, free, printable, animal safe recipe


Want to go a step further?

Why not have a go at making a December Box full of activities for the little ones this festive season? My article has loads of free printable children’s activities to get you started (and a hot chocolate label too!). It can be made easily on a small budget, and you can pop your reindeer food inside! Check out my article: What is a December Box? Children’s Christmas activity ideas (with FREE printables!)

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Where can I buy reindeer food?

Reindeer food is super cheap, quick and easy to make – but if you need to get sorted quickly, it can usually be purchased in a cute bag with a poem from places like garden centres, or on Amazon, for just a couple of quid. They often come in a set with reindeer food, a poem and a Santa key too.


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