Day Out with the Kids: Disney on Ice Review – The O2, North Greenwich, London

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Lola was desperate to go to Disney on Ice, so we decided to treat her as an early birthday surprise instead of spending out on a birthday party this year. I’ll share our photos as well as looking at which seats are best (with a seating plan image), how long is the show, is it good value for money, and other popular questions. So, if you fancy a magical, festive day out with the kids, read on for my review of Disney on Ice at the O2, North Greenwich, London.

Where is Disney on Ice London?

The Disney on Ice show runs from London’s huge O2 venue – directly next to North Greenwich tube station – it’s easy to access via train or bus from central London, and by car from other areas.

To avoid expensive train tickets, when we’re visiting London or watching something at the O2, we usually travel there by car. If you use the tube station car park (get there in advance if you can to avoid the event parking zone and higher charges) then you can park for around £12 all day. We like to get there early to make the most of this, then wander the O2 and grab some dinner to avoid the heavy traffic nearer the time of the show.


What was the show like?

It was the kids’ first time seeing a show like this and the first time they’ve been to a big arena like the O2. They were in awe even waiting for the show to start, just enjoying the size of the arena and the atmosphere, and Lola was so excited! She loved every minute, sung her heart out and her little face was just full of smiles.

disney on ice, london, o2, frugal mum review, north greenwich, photo, nemo

Finn was less keen on the idea of Disney on Ice (he thought it would all be princesses!) until it started and then he adored it too!  The kids have had some lovely parties over the years, but I do think having family adventures and making memories is priceless – it was nice to do something different.

The characters and the themes of the shows vary slightly. Our show included lots of favourites like Nemo, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Mulan, Frozen and the Lion King.

disney on ice, london, o2, beauty and beast, frugal mum review, north greenwich, photo

It was a good show, and the skaters are really talented. The music makes it – and you can see all the kids singing and dancing along to all of their favourite Disney songs! (Though I have to admit we were hoping to see Moana! 🙄 😆 It’s one of our favourite movies!)

disney on ice, london, o2, frozen, frugal mum review, north greenwich, photo Frozen was the best part of the show – the huge Arendelle Castle really set the scene, and the familiar soundtrack from the movie had everyone belting out Let it Go. We definitely have frozen fever in our house and, as Elsa skated around with the snow machine blasting out, it was really magical! It really made me want to go and see Frozen the Musical theatre show too!

disney on ice, london, o2, elsa, frozen, frugal mum review, north greenwich, photo


Which seats are best for Disney on Ice at the O2?

Here is a typical seating plan for Disney on Ice at the O2. We booked to sit along one of the sides, mid way up, and we had a great view. I think the higher seats may be a little far away, and those nearest the ice would be restricted – after all you really want a good view of it all and the skaters feet! I was pleased with the seats we picked – we had the best of both worlds. We booked section 111 and I think any of those middle sections would give a good view.

disney on ice, london, o2 seating plan, view from seats, frugal mum review

To be honest, the skaters are brilliant at using the whole rink and moving around to make sure they connect with all sides of the audience, so ultimately you can see from all angles – I just wouldn’t want to be too high up. My photos aren’t brilliant as the lights made it tricky to capture, and my phone isn’t great, but we had a great view and I’d recommend those seats.

disney on ice, london, o2, elsa, frozen, frugal mum review, north greenwich, photo


How long is the Disney on Ice show?

The show’s running time is 1.5-2 hours, with an intermission, so it wasn’t too short or too long, but it did seem to fly by! I guess time flies when you’re having fun!

I’m not sure I’d take really small children – there were families with toddlers and it seemed too long for them to sit still, which I think makes it difficult for the parents to enjoy the show too. For the amount of money you’re spending, making sure the kids are old enough to appreciate it is probably something to think about.


Was it good value for money?

I think Disney on Ice is every little kid’s dream day out, and definitely something to do once.  At 7 and 8 years old, Finn and Lola were a fab age for it and were mesmerised the entire time! We paid about £40 per ticket – so £160 for the four of us. It was never going to be an inexpensive day out, but to be honest I didn’t think it was bad value – the show was seamless and the skaters, costumes and sets were great.

disney on ice, london, o2, frugal mum family photo with children and husband, review, north greenwich

Having said that, although it was great experience (and the kids loved it), I don’t think we’d go again. For us it was one of those one-off experiences and, whilst it was brilliant fun, I definitely prefer a musical. There’s no live singing at Disney on Ice, and you can’t beat the amazing performances that you get in a theatre! But, if you get the chance to go it is a fab evening out. 😊


Useful information for your visit…


Facilities:  Shops, restaurants, exhibits, toilets, parking, cinema

Address and Post Code: Peninsula Square, London SE10 0DX

For up-to-date opening times and information, please check their website.


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