Cheap and simple Halloween craft ideas – decorate the house on a budget

The kids love any excuse to do a bit of craft, so get busy this Halloween with these cheap and simple ideas for decorating the house…

Milk bottle ghouls

This one is a freebie – just keep your empty milk cartons and transform them into ghouls using a sharpie or black paint. Cut a hole in the bottom, and pop a little battery operated light underneath – they will glow beautifully, and look super cool along your driveway or on your doorstep.


Affordable Pumpkins

Some of the supermarkets charge a fortune for a big pumpkin. It may be cheaper to pick your own at a local picking place or to pick one up from a local farm. Last year, we got big pumpkins for just £1.50 each from a farm down the road which was selling them for charity. Once you get carving, it really starts to feel like Halloween and they look fab on the doorstep.


Cardboard cake toppers

Make your own cake toppers out of card and wooden toothpicks or skewers. Shapes like bats are really simple yet look really effective. Raid the recycling bin and draw your own, or find what you’re after online and print onto card. Cut it out, attach to the sticks and your cakes will look fab.


Cereal box gravestones

Make your own gravestones in a few simple steps. Simply raid the recycling bin for cardboard (cereal boxes work well) cut to shape and, if the colour is not already grey, then give it a lick of paint. Once they have dried, sharpie on top with RIP and you have another completely free decoration. Repeat lots of times to create a spooky graveyard.


Spooky spiders

These are so easily made. Get a small envelope or bag and fill with wadding, cotton wool or scrunched up newspaper. Wrap black tape around it to cover and form the body. Then attach some pipe-cleaner legs underneath using more black tape to secure. Stick some googley eyes on the front – and you have some spooky spiders to decorate the house with.


Paint your own

Places like Amazon, Hobbycraft and The Range usually have great paintable decorations, and they’re really inexpensive. This is the perfect activity for a rainy October day and will keep the kids busy for hours. Once they’re dry, coat with a PVA/water solution to give them a glaze so you can enjoy them for years to come. I did these with my two, and they were just £1 each! I adore homemade decorations.


Nature bats

We actually made these at a Halloween event at a local country park, but they were so simple and really effective, this idea is definitely a keeper. Tie string around a pine cone to form a body, then use blue tac to attach leaves for wings. Finish with some googley eyes and tie up in a window so that they dangle down – a unique decoration created in no time at all.


Ghoulish piñata

Piñatas are great fun to make and even more fun to destroy! They work well for Halloween as a decoration, as well as being a great way to keep the sweets hidden until the big day. Click through to find out how make your own.


Print your own

Print your own bunting, and get the kids to colour, paint or stick things on it to make a great room decoration. My two love doing this and my free, printable, colour-in Halloween bunting is perfect for the job! Print as many times as you need, attach the triangles to twine, string or ribbon and your Halloween house will start to take shape!


Get junking

Raid your recycling bin to make junk model Frankenstein monsters. This is always good fun and doesn’t cost a penny – my two love a good craft session! And, anything they make can be used to decorate the house.

If you fancy doing some Halloween inspired cooking – head over to my recipes post!

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