What is the best paint for painting kitchen cupboards? (A pros/cons review)

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If you’re wondering ‘what is the best paint for painting kitchen cupboards?’ then you’ve come to the right place. Honestly, painting my kitchen cupboards is one of the best DIY projects that I’ve ever done, so if you’re thinking of giving it a go then you totally should! Although it took a lot of elbow grease, four years later they still look great. It allowed us to hide repairs, modernise and completely transform the kitchen for about £150! It’s a brilliant way to freshen up your kitchen with a tiny budget.

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I did SO much research before I painted my kitchen cupboards because, let’s face it, it’s far too much work to be doing it again a few months later! I’ve done a round up of the most popular paints that I came across, and the pros and cons of each, so that you can decide which is the best paint for painting your kitchen cupboards. Here are some of the different options that I came across on my travels; to suit a wide range of budgets, colours and requirements…


Wilko Cupboard Paint

wilko furniture and cupboard paint, what is the best paint for kitchen cupboards, frugal mum review

PROS: Wilko cupboard paint seems to be really highly regarded. I follow a DIY group on Facebook and SO many people have used this paint on their kitchen cupboards – the comments say how easy it was to use on a range of cabinet surfaces, how one or two coats were plenty and that the paint is really durable.

The reviews on the Wilko website are also consistently amazing (which is quite unusual as people love to moan) so I think that speaks volumes. This cupboard paint is fantastic value for money too as it’s one of the cheapest! With this you could transform your cabinets for next to nothing.

CONS: One thing that seems to be an issue for some people is that the paint is thick and quite glossy in appearance – perhaps with more shine than typical satinwood paint, so it really depends on personal preference.

However, having said that, I think this is what makes it so durable which can never be a bad thing in such a hight traffic part of the house! There are also only a handful of colour options currently.

Check out this paint and the colours available on the Wilko website.


Dulux Satinwood

Dulux quick dry satinwood paint, what is the best paint for kitchen cupboards, frugal mum review

PROS: I used Dulux Quick Dry Satinwood to paint all of the woodwork in our house and I love it! It goes on really easily and it still looks perfect (and bright white) five years later. I did two coats on all of skirting boards and door frames, painted Finn’s wardrobe and upcycled the kids’ beds with less than two tins so it goes a long way – making it great value for money. It’s reasonably priced, wipeable and easy to find on Amazon and in most DIY stores.

I’ve never used it on kitchen cabinets but Dulux do recommend this paint, or their cupboard paint, for kitchen cupboards on their website and there are good reviews online. There are also lots of colours to choose from – especially if you’re looking for something a bit different.

CONS: It’s not technically made for kitchen cupboards, so it could possibly be less durable than other more specialist paints.

Check out this paint and the colours available on Amazon.


Farrow & Ball Eggshell

farrow and ball eggshell paint, what is the best paint for kitchen cupboards, frugal mum review

I used Farrow and Ball Modern Eggshell (40% sheen) on my own kitchen cupboards and I chose it for a few reasons. Firstly, I found reviews saying that it was insanely durable (it’s also used for flooring) and, secondly, there are over 100 different colour options and they’re all gorgeous! I fell in love with Moles Breath so it just had to be this paint.

Three years later, it was definitely worth it. I’ve had boiling pans spill over down my drawers, steam on the upper units, scrubbed off splats of pasta sauce etc and it’s still looking amazing. It touches up seamlessly too if needed.
CONS: In my experience, this paint was hard-work and it took a lot of coats to get decent coverage. It also took me a while to get used to the paint – if I went too slowly and went over it too much it would dry patchy, but if I worked too quickly there would be bubbles. Having said that, I follow a kitchen painting company on Facebook and they only use Farrow & Ball so perhaps it gets easier to work with when you get used to it.
Another con is the price – it’s very expensive compared to other brands but I decided it was worth it in the sense that for £150 for paint and primer I completely transformed my kitchen. (It’s gone up in price too since I used it!) Despite it not being the easiest paint to work with, I would definitely use it again – it looks great and it really is bulletproof once cured!


Dulux Cupboard Paint

dulux cupboard paint, what is the best paint for kitchen cupboards, frugal mum review

PROS: Dulux Cupboard Paint has lots of good reviews, and I generally rate Dulux pretty highly (most of our house is painted with Dulux) so I doubt this paint would be any less superior. Unlike the satinwood, this one claims to need no primer and to be tough and scuff resistant which might make it a better option since it’s been designed to withstand use on kitchen cupboards.

At around £25 a tin, it’s also really affordable so a great option for anyone working on a tight budget.

CONS: I did find a few reviews where people said it had chipped further down the line, but this does seem to be true of all the paints I explored – they’ll always be a few negative experiences. I do wonder if perhaps this would be less likely with priming – even if using non-priming paint I think I would be tempted to prime first anyway.

There are only a handful of colour choices to choose from in the Dulux Cupboard Paint which is fine if you’re happy with those but if not you’d need to get something mixed.

Check out this paint and the colours available on Amazon.


V33 Cupboard and Cabinet Paint

v33 cupboard and cabinet paint, what is the best paint for kitchen cupboards, frugal mum review

PROS: Like the Wilko cupboard paint, the V33 Cupboard and Cabinet Paint is talked about a lot on the DIY page I follow. Because of the great reviews online, and its mid-sheen (so wipeable but not too glossy) appearance, I used it last year to upcycle a chest of drawers for Finn’s room. Though it seemed really thin and watery, it dried well and only needed two coats. A year on, it’s also stood the test of time and still looks immaculate despite being manhandled by a child! 😂

You can pick up a big tub from B&Q for just £40 which should be plenty for kitchen doors, so it’s really well priced. I almost used this paint on my kitchen, but at the time there weren’t many colours to choose from – they’ve added some new ones now.

CONS: I found the paint watery which made it trickier to work with than some other paints I’ve tried, but this doesn’t appear to hinder its performance.

Check out this paint and the colours available on the B&Q website.


Johnstone’s Cupboard Paint

johnstones cupboard paint, what is the best paint for kitchen cupboards, frugal mum review

PROS: A quick glance on Amazon and you’ll see that Johnstone’s Cupboard Paint has got lots of brilliant reviews. There are some really love colour choices with this one too – I LOVE this deep blue! It’s also really affordable, although the tins are small in comparison to what some of the other brands offer so you may need a couple.

I’ve used Johnstone’s paint on past furniture projects and never had a problem (although nothing as high traffic as a kitchen), it’s also quick to be touch dry and doesn’t have much of a smell which is definitely a plus.

CONS: There’s the odd bad review about durability (but as I said before they all have a few) but one thing that did come up a few times was an issue with the likeness of the colour. One of the greys is said to more of a blue, and there were some colour complaints with other colours too – so have a look at photos of other people’s projects before you buy to be sure it’s what you want.

Check out this paint and the colours available on Amazon.


Frenchic Alfresco Paint

frenchic alfresco paint, what is the best paint for kitchen cupboards, frugal mum review

PROS: Frenchic Alfresco Paint seems to have a big buzz around it at the moment – and I’ve used it several times around the house to upcycle and refresh old furniture, mirrors and photo frames.

It’s self-levelling and self-sealing, and ridiculously easy and lovely to work with. Their facebook page is full of happy customers and they share lots of photos and ideas for inspiration. The colour range is brilliant too; there are tons of lovely colours to choose from and different size tins available. It’s also really affordable.

The Alfresco paint in particular is said to durable enough for indoor and outdoor use which I think would make it the best option for kitchen cupboards from their range, as it would most likely stand the test of time.

CONS: I love Frenchic paint for the ease, the matt finish and the gorgeous colours, but personally I don’t think I would use it on a kitchen. Whilst I love a matt finish, I think having a slight sheen on such a high-traffic and grubby area is the best way to go. Having said that, wax or sealant on top would probably do the job.

Check out this paint and the colours available on the Frenchic website.


Whichever paint you decide is the one for you, make sure you check out my post: How to paint your kitchen cupboards – a step by step guide and the mistakes to avoid before you get started! Good luck!


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  1. Best paint for painting Kitchen cabinets and furniture is Johnstone trade oil-based undercoat and eggshell finish
    Primer coat Zinseer
    As a professional painter of Kitchens and Furniture 😉

  2. Revamping kitchen cupboards can be a game-changer. Have you considered how different paint finishes can impact the final look? Whether matte, satin, or gloss, the right finish can enhance durability and aesthetics.

  3. Hi Natalie, I have found the Frenchic Official UK FB site edits out negative comments or concerns. A non official site does acknowledge some chipping issues (which I’ve experienced on bannisters) so I’m a but wary of using Alfresco in my kitchen, lovely as the paint is to apply.

    1. Hi Ana,
      I’ve not had chipping on the furniture I’ve painted but a high traffic area like a kitchen or bannisters makes it more likely doesn’t it. I do like the paint but I agree – a satin paint is probably a better option in these places, or a good sealant on top.
      Nat x

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