The secret ingredient for a streak-free finish: DIY window cleaning

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One of the ways we save money is to cut back where we can on our household spending. For this reason, I clean our windows – inside and out. I found it so frustrating to spend £15 a month having them cleaned when, more often than not, they would be grubby again in just a few days. Living by the sea, our windows get very mucky so for me it’s a no brainer.

By cleaning them myself I save £180 per year, and I can clean them as I when they actually need doing. We live in a bungalow, which makes things pretty easy. But, if you live in a two-storey house, as we used to, (or taller!) I would suggest investing in a window cleaning extension stick if possible – it will soon pay for itself (they can be picked up for around £20 on Amazon) and you’ll have a little extra cash every month.

When cleaning the windows, I use a shower squeegee, a plant spray bottle, water and the magic ingredient… dishwasher rinse aid! Simply, fill the spray bottle with water and a little rinse aid, spray onto the windows and use the squeegee to clean them afterwards. Inside, to make it less watery and messy, I use a little spray and then wipe clean/dry with a cloth or kitchen roll.

The addition of the dishwasher rinse aid gives the glass a good shine, and makes it a lot easier to get a streak-free finish. If you’re looking at ways to cut back, DIY window cleaning could be a simple way to do so.


  1. Mind blown! Who knew the secret to streak-free windows was right in my pantry? This DIY window cleaning guide is a game-changer. Love how it turns a mundane chore into a satisfying art. Thanks for sharing the magic potion for crystal-clear views. My windows are about to get a serious upgrade

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