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Diary of a Frugal Mum

Week 1: Social Distancing

March 2020 – Week 1: Social Distancing

Dear Frugal Mums,

I thought it might be useful to keep a weekly diary, to share what we’ve been getting up to, during this unsettling time. It might give you some ideas of things to do to keep your own little ones busy, and it’ll hopefully help us to keep in touch and stay sane! 


I was teaching as usual today, but to be honest I’m starting to worry about whether it’s safe for me to work and for Finn and Lola to be in school. My husband usually works from home a few days a week, but he’s been told to stay at home now everyday now until this all blows over. It looks like they’ll be more restrictions coming this week.



The kids missed their first day of school today, I cancelled all of my face-to-face teaching for the foreseeable and we decided to stay home. It’s sad and surreal, but totally necessary to keep everyone healthy and safe.

They are excited at the moment, and happy to be at home, but I do worry about the long period of isolation from their friends. I think the novelty will soon wear off! They are used to me teaching them, as I do little bits with them throughout the school holidays, but the social distancing will be tough.

I’m lucky as an ex-primary teacher, who works as tutor, that I have loads of resources already and we are at least OK on this front. I’ve made a loose timetable and we will be doing little bits several mornings a week, but filling the afternoons with fun!

Today, we spent the afternoon planting flowers into pots, and for Mother’s Day gifts for my mum and mum-in-law. We also planted up the vegetable patch – they love growing their own veg and it’ll give us something to keep us busy for weeks to come!



Once a week we are rotating Science and Topic work – so today we did a project on Hawaii. The kids are desperate to go there, after seeing a family visit on You Tube! Lola is obsessed with whales so when she found out that you can go whale watching, she wanted to add it to our list of places to visit!

When we were doing our research, Finn discovered that there is an active volcano that can be visited too – so he’s very excited about this! It’s probably time for us to start saving up… 😂 We had a bike ride later this afternoon, to get some fresh air whilst avoiding people!



We did some Maths and English this morning, and then had a bit of a chill out day, with the kids building Lego and going out in the garden. Both Finn and Lola were a little bit emotional today; they’ve just realised that they won’t be able to see their friends for a long time. 😥 I really feel for them, it must be so confusing to be a child right now.

We cheered ourselves up with an impromptu movie night – ‘But it’s Thursday?!’ said Finn! 😂 The sweets went down well and they enjoyed Honey I Shrunk the Kids!



We were all a bit grumpy today, and the kids spent way too long this morning on their devices, but I definitely felt like we all just needed some time to relax. We decided to stop moping around this afternoon, so we picked an activity from the 30 day activity calendar.

We raided the recycling bin for cardboard, found some tin foil and made a medieval castle. It was good fun and two hours later we were ready to move the Lego people and Hatchimals into the castle – giving me a much needed break afterwards too!



We were determined to leave the house properly today for a change of scenery. So, we hiked up the kid’s favourite route for some much needed exercise, and fresh air, whilst not being in contact with other people. It was exactly what we all needed, and I’m really hoping that we will continue to have the freedom to exercise for a little bit longer. But, in all honesty, I’m really worried about the amount of people not taking social distancing seriously, and I think the UK will soon end up in lockdown.



Happy Mother’s Day! The kids were so excited to give me their hand-made cards, and they’d written their own poems inside – so cute! 😍 I’m really feeling the enormity of it all today – it’s the first Mother’s Day that we’ve not seen our families. But, we are trying to be positive – we are healthy, this won’t last forever, and those in the NHS are working so hard for us all that we really can’t moan about our lot.

We chilled in pyjamas this morning and did some cleaning this afternoon. Not the usual Mother’s Day scenario, but I really wanted to start the week well organised – it’s amazing how much mess these little monkeys make! I went for a short walk on my own today too; a little self-care is so important right now.

Not quite the Zizzi’s dinner that we had planned for today… 😂

I hope everyone is doing alright! Keep in touch and stay safe…

Nat x

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