Terracycle – recycling the unrecyclable!

This isn’t a frugal post, but an eco one instead; it won’t save you money but it will help to save our planet

Terracycle work with lots of popular brands – such as Nestle, Walkers, Bic and Kenco, to stop products that aren’t currently accepted in our recycling bins from going to landfill. Simply search for the item that you would like to recycle and the website will tell you the nearest recycling point in your local area.


Items include: 

  • Bread bags

  • Baby food pouches

  • Crisp packets

  • Oral care products

  • Beauty product packaging

  • Biscuit / cake wrappers

  • Dishwashing /cleaning packaging

  • Confectionary packaging

  • Pens

  • Coffee pods


Just collect up the items in a storage box, and drop them off every couple of weeks. If there is nowhere local to you listed for a particular item, why not organise a drop-off point yourself? Schools are rewarded financially for becoming a drop-off point, so it’s well worth speaking to your child’s school to get them onboard. For more information on how to do your bit, visit Terracycle at: https://www.terracycle.com/en-GB/

Did you know that most supermarkets recycle used batteries? And, Tesco recycle empty ink cartridges too – as well as the dreaded carrier bags. It’s never been easier to become more green, and it doesn’t cost a penny to do our bit.



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