Swap or not? Aldi chicken nuggets review – Do they taste like McDonalds McNuggets?

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Welcome to my swap or not Aldi chicken nuggets review – to answer the question we’re all asking – do they taste like McDonalds McNuggets? Recently we spotted chicken nuggets in the frozen aisle of our local Aldi – they were packaged suspiciously like those you’d find in Mcdonalds, and the photo on the front certainly looked like the famous nuggets that my kids can’t get enough of. So, were they the same? I’m gluten-free, so I employed my little taste testers (and my husband too!). So, here’s my review of what they thought about Aldi’s McNuggets dupe…

Appearance: Aldi vs Mcdonalds

Once the Aldi chicken nuggets had been cooked, they didn’t quite match up to those from McDonalds appearance wise. This, I imagine, is due to them being baked in the oven at home whilst they’re deep fried at McDonalds. This might mean that cooking them in an air-fryer may help – but we don’t have one of those so I can’t test that theory.

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Are Aldi’s chicken nuggets good value for money?

The Aldi chicken nuggets were £1.99 for a box of twelve, and this included a couple of little dips too. At McDonalds chicken nuggets come in boxes of 6, 9 or 20. A box of 6 nuggets at our local McDonalds is £4.29 (excluding chips and a drink) so this would need to be doubled to match up with Aldi’s box of 12. This would make them a staggering £8.58; £6.59 more per lot of 12!

These figures mean that each nugget is 72p at McDonalds, whilst Aldi’s knock-off version works out at just 17p per nugget! Therefore, based on cost, Aldi’s chicken nuggets are far better value!


Nutritional Info

  • McNuggets are sold in portions of 6 – so I’ve doubled the figures on the McDonalds website to find how many calories etc would be within 12 nuggets:

McNuggets: 522 calories, 26g fat, 3g saturated fat, 1.2g sugar, 1.14g salt

  • Aldi give the amounts for each individual nugget on the front of their packaging, so I’ve multiplied this by 12 to reach these amounts. Sugar was listed at less than 0.5g, so I’ve not included sugar as there wasn’t a specific figure.

Aldi: 444 calories, 18g fat, 2.4g saturated fat, ? sugar, 1.32g salt

Swap or not, Aldi chicken nuggets review, Do they taste like McDonalds McNuggets, frugal mum budget shopping tips

As you can see, the Aldi nuggets are the healthier option – coming in lower for calories and fats, but their nuggets are actually higher in salt.


Do Aldi’s chicken nuggets taste the same as McNuggets?

The most important question! The kids enjoyed Aldi’s chicken nugget dupe but both of them (and my husband) said that they weren’t as good as the real deal. And, whilst they were tasty, the flavour just didn’t match up to a real Mcdonalds chicken nugget. I think the difference in the texture of the batter also added to them being not quite right.

Having said that, they all said that they would eat them again – and quite honestly my kids have never turned down any kind of chicken nugget! 😂


The final verdict

There are still cheaper options for larger bags of nuggets in most supermarkets so, since they weren’t wowed by these, I don’t think I would consciously swap them. (Aldi themselves do a bag of 30 chicken nuggets for £1.55 – and these are almost half the cost per kg of their fakeaway Mcdonalds dupe nuggets.)

Swap or not, Aldi chicken nuggets review, Do they taste like McDonalds McNuggets, frugal mum budget shopping tips

In conclusion, the nuggets were tasty – the kids certainly had no complaints and would be happy to eat them again. But, in comparison to McDonalds, Aldi definitely missed the mark, and my husband is adamant he won’t be giving up McNuggets any time soon!


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