Huge weekly savings – the budget supermarket swap!

Weekly savings

We’ve all seen the adverts on TV advertising cheaper supermarkets such as Aldi and Lidl, but so many people still continue to do their shopping at the larger supermarkets and I just can’t figure out why?!

For most people, the weekly shop takes a huge chunk out of their monthly earnings and, apart from full up tummies, there’s literally nothing to show for it!  Food is one of the easiest ways to save a ton of money, without changing your lifestyle or going without.

I am a big fan of Aldi.  It’s our closest budget supermarket and, since switching, I can’t bare the higher prices elsewhere!  There are a few items that they don’t stock, that I still pop to the larger supermarkets to buy, BUT these items are few and far between, and 95% of my shopping list is easily found.

I also prefer the Aldi shop because for most items there are only a few options, which saves me a lot of browsing time, and I do my weekly shop in just 30 minutes.  Fresh fruit and vegetables are also cheaper so we eat a lot more fresh food than we used to because it’s so affordable, and this encourages me to do more cooking from scratch.


Making the switch

It’s completely understandable that, with our busy modern lifestyles, people use internet food shopping to free up more of their spare time.  But, when I’ve food shopped online in the past, I either spent half an hour searching for all of the items I needed or I ordered the same food A LOT and we lost interest in mealtimes completely.

I also spent at least another £30 each week – or tried to stick to a smaller budget and we would end up not having enough food for the week without top-up shops or takeaways!  Totally bonkers, as it ended up costing me more than if I had just done a more thorough shop in the first place!

I do a HUGE weekly shop in Aldi (I’m the lady with the exploding trolley of food that barely fits on the checkout belt!) and it usually only costs me about £60.  And, because I have actually bought everything that we need, I rarely do top-up shops; we have plenty for meals, packed lunches, snacks and unexpected visitors.

In my opinion, saving £30 a week (£1560 a year!) is worth having my shopping catapulted at me and half an hour of my time each week! If you shop later in the evening too, it’s usually extremely quiet which makes things slightly less chaotic.


Ditch big brands

If you are usually a branded item shopper, just switching to own brand products at any supermarket will give you great savings too.  But switching from branded shopping to Aldi or Lidl could save you HUGE amounts!  I have heard good things about Lidl too, so find your local budget supermarket and make the switch, even a £20 a week saving is an extra £1000 in your pocket each year!


Take a look at these savings – go on, give it a go…

We love 50/50 bread, but very few supermarkets do an own brand version of this, so if shopping elsewhere we always have to buy brands like Kingsmill or Hovis which will set us back at least £1 a loaf.  Aldi do their own version of 50/50, and we find it stays fresher for longer than the other popular branded versions, it is just 49p a loaf.


1L of 100% from concentrate apple juice in Aldi is just 55p a carton, this compares with 85p for Sainsbury’s own brand and 69p at Asda.  It might only seem like a little bit of spare change, but buy a few cartons a week and the savings soon start to add up.  Why pay more for the same thing?!


Chicken nuggets are a staple in most freezers when children are involved!  Aldi do a 450g bag for just £1.25.  The same 450g bag at Sainsbury’s is £1.75 and £1.50 at Tesco, with the well known brands, such as Birds Eye, usually coming in upwards of £2 at most supermarkets.


I am trying to be more eco-friendly, so for the most part we are using anti-bacterial spray rather than wipes, but I am a bit of a germaphobe so I can’t live without anti-bacterial wipes for keeping my toilet sparkling!  I love Aldi all purpose wipes, just 85p for 80 and they stay lovely and moist.

Sainsbury’s own anti-bacterial wipes are more than double the price at £1.75 for 80 wipes (and I find that they dry out pretty quickly!).   Tesco anti-bacterial wipes are pretty good but they are also £1.75 for 80 wipes.  Don’t even get me started on the big brands either – you can rarely get hold of those for less than £2 a pack.  If you’re going to give Aldi a go, this is a great swap.


Dishwasher tablets are another example of the big savings that can be made – just £2.49 for 50 at Aldi (4.98p per tablet) – they are really effective too! Similar products at Sainsbury’s, Asda and Tesco all come in at £5 for 60 (8p per tablet), and big brands like Finish average out at about £8 for just 50 tablets (16p per tablet).  Crazy!!


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