10km bike ride for Porchlight

Sunday 28th July 2019

Dear Frugal Mums,

Well this one is not really a frugal post – but I thought it would be a good opportunity to raise some awareness. Today we did a 10km bike ride along the seafront to raise money for a charity called Porchlight. They do amazing work with homeless people in Kent. They are not a quick fix charity, but actually help those in need to get their lives back on track and get off of the streets for good. This is something we are very passionate about as a family – everyone deserves a safe, warm place to call home. 

We really enjoyed our bike ride along the seafront, joined by Grandad Julian too. It was good fun and a great day for it weather wise – not too hot or too cold. We were very lucky given the ridiculously high temperatures we had earlier in the week followed by torrential rain yesterday! 

Check out their website to see the brilliant work Porchlight do – https://www.porchlight.org.uk/. Every small amount raised helps them to give people the fresh start they deserve.

Nat x

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