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Days Out, Lockdown: Fun at Home

6 places to visit, to get out and about, whilst social distancing

Social distancing means that we have to be a bit more creative when leaving the house. But, with so much time spent indoors, it’s really important that we do get outside when we can. Here are a few places to visit, and things to do, to get some much needed fresh air and exercise without spending a penny.

We’re trying to use this time in the most positive way possible – getting back to nature, improving our fitness and enjoying some quality time with the children…

1. Head to the woods

A trip to the woods is always a hit with the kids, whatever the time of year. Pop your wellies on, build dens, search for fairies and, if you’re really lucky, you might even find a rope swing! My two love collecting bits to use in collages too – why not create some nature art when you get back home?


2. Play on the beach

The beach is one of my favourite places and, even though we are there most days walking the dog, the kids just can’t get enough of it. They don’t care if the water is cold, they’ll build sandcastles for hours and collect more pebbles then they can carry home! We always come back filthy and windswept but it’s such a lovely way to spend an afternoon.


3. Go for a bike ride

Bike rides are such good fun, and also a great way to get fresh air and exercise. As soon as the sun is out, we are out on our bikes – Finn and Lola adore cycling, and we do too! It’s a great way to blow the cobwebs away. Cycle along the beach, explore the countryside or even just have a quick spin around the block!


4. Go geocaching

You can easily find a geocaching trail nearby, with just a few clicks on your phone. It makes a long walk a little more purposeful, and kids enjoy it because it feels much like a treasure hunt. Pick somewhere spacious, where you are unlikely to come into contact with other people, and enjoy an afternoon exploring.


5. Explore a country park

There are so many gorgeous country parks dotted all over the country – each offering a new adventure. Whether it be woodland walks, lakes or large green spaces, it’s always a winner for a family walk. Many have trails too, to keep the kids entertained, so put your wellies on and have some fun.


6. Go for a hike

Put a decent pair of trainers on and get those legs moving. Find a trail or large hill, pack some drinks and snacks and have a good hike. My two love exploring somewhere new, so see what’s available in your local area and get walking.


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