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Diary of a Frugal Mum

Social Distancing: Week 15

Social Distancing: Week 15

Dear Frugal Mums,

It’s been a week of gardening, bike rides, baking and LOTS of beach fun – unsurprising given how hot it’s been! It was baking at the start of the week, so Finn and Lola certainly made the most of it. They cooled off in the sea everyday, and had a great time playing on the sand. The beach is definitely their happy place. 😄

The weather has been a lot cooler for the last few days, and pretty windy down here on the coast. We’ve had random showers, as well a big storm and downpour the other morning – where did our summer go?! We planted 10 new plants in the garden this week, as I’m trying to make the flower bed at the back a bit more colourful and interesting. It’s nice to have more time to spend improving the garden. They both enjoy helping outside, and have got to a nice age where their help is actually helpful!

Lola and I baked twice this week – firstly some gross muffins (you know the healthy kind with almost no sugar!) followed by a batch of cupcakes with loads of sugar and toppings to make up for it! 😂 Lesson learnt – ‘healthy’ muffins are not yummy!

The world seems to be slowly, but surely, starting to reopen – Finn starts back with his football team next week; albeit in a different, socially distanced way. It feels somewhat strange, after so long, to be starting to get some normality. I took Finn into town to the optician’s this week and, although it was perfectly fine, I did feel a huge amount of anxiety about it. I think it will take us a while to ease back into reality, socialising and this ‘new normal’ which I suspect will go on for a long time yet.

Sending love,

Nat x

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