Social Distancing: Week 14

Social Distancing: Week 14

Dear Frugal Mums,

We’ve had a week of beach fun and bike rides with school work muddled in between – it’s been busy but good fun! We call these our ‘school trips’ of course. 😉

We had a great weekend too. On Saturday we had a picnic at our local country park – it was our first visit since this all started, but I was pleased it wasn’t too busy. We walked to a quiet spot to have our food and for the kids to do some stream dipping – they had a fab time and we were alone there for the majority of the time. They caught bugs in their nets and got grubby and wet (as usual!) – it was a really lovely day out for cost of £2 parking and picnic food.

It was Father’s Day today so we spoiled my husband with home-made goodies and breakfast in bed, and then I took the kids to see my Dad, and play in my parent’s garden. Ironically, we had to call my Dad this morning to help us with car trouble! 😂 No rest for the wicked even on Father’s Day – he earned his gifts!

I made a big batch of scrumptious chocolate fridge cake for the dads and Jay, decorated with cake toppers and sweets – it makes such a great gift and it’s so easy to make. I’ve got the whole family addicted to it! 😂 It’s probably the most unhealthy thing I’ve ever made but it makes a lovely treat and it’s so yummy!! You can get the edible cake toppers from Amazon for next to nothing – they’re so effective and there are hundreds of different ones to suit different themes and occasions.

Happy Father’s Day! Hope everyone had a good weekend,

Nat x


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