Social Distancing: Week 12

Social Distancing: Week 12

Dear Frugal Mums,

This week has been pretty special, it was my Mum’s birthday on Friday so we took the kids for a garden visit. We packed a picnic and they were so excited to play at Nanny’s and have a change of scenery. It seems mad that they hadn’t been there for 3 months – they have a lovely big garden so Finn and Lola had a great afternoon. It felt so good to do something ‘normal’.

The children spent the week working on a bird box for her; which my dad kindly made for us to decorate. The kids assembled it, painted it and decorated it with painted shells to make a birdie beach house. We seem to spend half our lives painting shells and pebbles lately! 😂

They did some great learning this week too, and we finished our Egyptian project. We’re going to do space next, which they are eager to start. It’s nice, with home learning, to be able to explore things that they are interested in. 

The weather has been really hit and miss, which is a shame as we were enjoying summer!! On Saturday, we snuggled up in front of the fire and rented ‘Onward’ – it had me sobbing at the end which the kids thought was hilarious! 😆 On Sunday we went for a walk in the countryside and got a McDonalds on the way home. I’ve never seen two happier kids! I think they’ve had junk food withdrawal! Although I must admit I REALLY enjoyed my big mac!!

I hope everyone is safe and well,

Nat x


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