10 ways to save money this winter!

Winter is coming! Those famous GOT words are true once again – the chill is setting in, people are sniffing and coats are no longer surplus to requirements. Winter can be an expensive time of year; with Christmas taking so much of our funds, without all of the extra household expenses that the cold weather brings.

Here are 10 ways to save money this winter…

1. Shop around for the best deals on gas and electric

Comparison websites make it really simple to get a great deal, and to stay on top of price hikes. If you find the whole thing too confusing, Look After My Bills will do the leg work for you, and switch you to the best deals automatically.


2. Be smart this flu season

Branded medication usually contains exactly the same ingredients as the cheaper alternatives. Read my medicine post for more info, and to see a cost comparison for yourself. Don’t pay more for the same thing!


3. Get some financial help

If you’re in receipt of benefits or over the age of 64, you may be able to get some financial help over the winter months. There are three different options you may qualify for: winter fuel payments, warm home discount or cold weather payments. They all have different eligibility requirements, so use these links to go straight through to the criteria on the gov website.


4. Check your car

Halfords offer a free winter car check. They check the battery, light bulbs, wipers, windscreen chips and oil levels, as well as topping up your screenwash. It doesn’t cost a penny, so it’s well worth taking advantage of this free service, to make sure your car is winter ready.


5. Entertain the family at home

Once the weather turns, it’s harder to enjoy free days out and no-one wants a soggy picnic! Instead of spending a fortune entertaining the kids, make the most of your home, and bring the fun to you. Invite friends over, get crafty or even host a party!

For deals and free trials on home entertainment packages, read my post to see what is on offer in the world of TV and music!


6. Turn the heat down

Turn the heating down by just 1 degree to be more eco-friendly and slash your bills. It makes very little difference to how warm your home is, but research shows it can reduce your heating bill by 10%! During the winter months especially our bills can go through the roof, so turn it down a little and, most importantly, put a jumper on!Β πŸ˜‰


7. Switch to LED

Electric bills can rocket during the winter – with lights on much earlier in the day.Β Replace bulbs with LED equivalents; they’re much cheaper to purchase than they once were and a good investment.

Switching to LED can save you a lot of money over time as they use far less energy than traditional light bulbs, which is much better for the planet too. The bulbs also last longer, so they’ll need replacing much less frequently – which is also a win for reducing waste whilst helping your bank balance!Β  Be sure to turn the lights off when you leave a room too.


8. Make sure you get the best deals

When you need a change of scenery, and a much needed day out, use websites like Groupon and Buyagift to find local deals on things to do and places to eat out.


9. Save your points

Take advantage of supermarket reward schemes to help out with your food shopping this festive season. Save your points year round to make the most expensive food shop of the year more manageable.


10. Cut back on costs this Christmas

Read my handy tips on reducing your expenditure this festive season, to ensure that you start the new year debt free. Making just a few small changes, such as avoiding unnecessary gifting or getting crafty, could make this Christmas a lot more manageable.


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