How to make your house more saleable on a budget!

Moving home is one of the most stressful things we can do. If you’ve fallen in love with a new home, or got your heart set on moving, increase your the chances of selling your house quickly with these simple, inexpensive tips…


Decluttering is so important. If you want prospective buyers to imagine themselves in your home, they need the chance to think about how they could make it their own. Clutter can be distracting, and when a house is very personal to the owner, it can be hard for buyers to see past this.

As challenging as it may be, try to see the house with new eyes – what would your first impression be? Items can easily be put into the garage or loft, to later be displayed proudly again in your new home, so take the time to declutter. It will make the house feel more spacious too.

Read my post on four steps to decluttering for more information and guidance.


Paint, paint, paint!

Paint everything! A fresh coat of paint can instantly transform a space, and if you roll up your sleeves and do it yourself it can be done so cheaply. Keep neutral tones throughout and use furniture and accessories to add texture and colour. A central colour scheme that works throughout the house, using just a few colours, can make the house flow well too. If you are short on time, focus on the main living spaces.


Update your kitchen

If you’re up for a bigger project, and your kitchen is a little tired, consider painting the cupboards, or replacing the doors. It can be done so cheaply, but makes the world of difference. Kitchens are often the hub of the home, and, as they are one of the most expensive rooms to update, a tired kitchen can put buyers off.

Freshening up the kitchen could make the house a lot more saleable. And, even if an older kitchen still needs replacing in the future, it will stop buyers from thinking that they need to spend a lot of money immediately.

For more info read my post on how to transform your kitchen on a small budget. And, if you’re up for a bit of DIY read my post on how to paint your kitchen cupboards (and the mistakes to avoid) before you get painting – I did mine and the result is amazing!


Give each room a purpose

When we live in a house for a long time, we make each space work for us, our lifestyles and our families. But, when it’s time to sell, the house needs to appeal to ‘the masses’. Each room needs a clear identity so, even if it isn’t how you use it, staging it can work really well.

For instance, a bedroom filled with sewing machines or gym equipment will make it difficult for buyers to visualise it as a bedroom, or to see the space available. Simply presenting the room as it should be, with a bed and simple furniture, instantly makes the room more appealing.

Don’t spend a fortune if you won’t use the furniture in your new home – use second-hand websites, rent it or borrow from friends or family – hopefully you won’t need it for long!


Improve your curb appeal

Consider what buyers will see when they first visit your house; many people have decided before they even get inside! Clean marks and dirt from the exterior walls, or give it all a fresh coat of paint if needed. Freshly painted render or weatherboards will instantly boost curb appeal and make a house look well cared for. If time is limited, just do the front of the house as the buyer’s first impression is so important.

If you have a driveway make sure it is clean and free from weeds – a quick jet wash can make all the difference. Tidy up flower beds, cut back overgrown bushes and use colourful potted plants to make the house feel welcoming. If you have a front garden, mow the lawn once a week whilst your house is listed for sale.



Sometimes simply rearranging the furniture that you already have can completely change a room. Think about the layout of each room, and whether it is making the most of the space. Rooms should feel bright, light and airy. So, swap furniture around and put large pieces into storage temporarily if need be, as they can make a room feel smaller and less spacious.


Maintain the garden

Don’t forget to give your fences a lick of paint too – it’s easy for them to look mismatched, as they are usually replaced at different times. Painting the fences one unifying colour can really transform them, especially if they are getting a little bit shabby.

Tame wild flower beds, pull up weeds and use seating areas to show how the space might be used. If you have a lot of children’s garden equipment, it might be wise to store some of it elsewhere so it does not dominate the space. And, as mentioned before, the lawn needs mowing regularly so make sure it is on your weekly to do list.


Keep it clean

Dust the house on a weekly basis during viewing periods, and run the hoover around before each visit. Try to keep the house clutter free, but if you find it a challenge have some storage boxes or baskets that can quickly hide the bits and bobs you don’t want on show. A clean and tidy house will feel welcoming and spacious, and send buyers the message that it has been well looked after.


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