10 ways to reduce your utility bills

Reducing your outgoings is the easiest way to free up more cash without changing your lifestyle – spend less on the boring things to have more fun! Using less energy is also great for the planet too, so it really is a win, win!

Here are ten simple ways to reduce your utility bills…

1. Shop around

Comparison websites make it really simple to get a great deal on your gas and electric costs, and will help you to stay on top of price hikes too. If you find the whole thing too confusing, Look After My Bills will do the leg work for you, and switch you to the best deals automatically.


2. Cut down on shower time

We’ve all heard the advice about swapping a bath for a quick shower but research shows that our showers can be far from quick, and modern shower heads often have really high water usage. But, just slashing your shower time by one minute can make such a difference to your water consumption and your bills.

Water Wise say, ‘It is estimated that Britain ‘showers away’ more than 2,000,000,000 litres of water each day. If every home in the UK took one minute off their shower every day it would save £215 million on our collective energy bills every year.’ So, it’s definitely worth rinsing a little quicker!


3. Turn the heat down

Turn the heating down by just 1 degree to be more eco-friendly and slash your bills. It makes very little difference to how warm your home is, but research shows it can reduce your heating bill by 10%! During the winter months especially our bills can go through the roof, so turn it down a little and, most importantly, put a jumper on! 😉


4. Insulate your loft

While insulating your loft can cost several hundreds of pounds, it could save you around £135 off of your energy bills each year, based on a typical semi-detached house. So you’ll soon get your money back and start saving a lot!


5. Buy efficient appliances

Lots of the appliances we use every day really vary in how much energy they use. So shop smart and look at the running costs before you make any new purchases. An A+++ fridge freezer will save around £320 in energy bills over its lifetime compared to an A+ model.


6. Ditch the tumble dryer

As soon as the weather allows, get your washing outside on the line. If the weather is unsettled, use drying racks in the garden so you can whisk them inside quickly if needed – even getting it partially dry and then finishing it off in front of a radiator will help to reduce your bills.


7. Rethink your washing

Washing at 30 degrees rather than 40 degrees (or higher) can help to reduce your energy usage. Plus, if you can cut out one wash cycle per week you’ll save money too – so wear those jeans an extra day!


8. Sort draughts

Buy some cheap draught excluders, line your letterbox and block off un-used fireplaces to reduce your energy bills and make sure your home is toasty! Seal around windows and skirting boards, and if you’re replacing windows make sure they’re double glazed.


9. Turn it off

Make sure you turn lights and electrical items off when you leave a room – so many of us leave our TV’s and other appliances on stand-by all day. Little changes can have a big impact on your bills.


10. Use LED lightbulbs

Electric bills can rocket during the winter – with lights on much earlier in the day. Replace bulbs with LED equivalents; they’re much cheaper to purchase than they once were and a good investment.

Switching to LED can save you a lot of money over time as they use far less energy than traditional light bulbs, which is much better for the planet too. The bulbs also last longer, so they’ll need replacing much less frequently – which is also a win for reducing waste whilst helping your bank balance!

To help you to monitor your usage, it may be worth installing a smart meter; a real-time way of tracking your consumption can help the whole family to be more mindful about what is being used.


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