20 simple ways to reduce your monthly expenditure!

Here are 20 easy ways to reduce your monthly spending. Remember, saving just £20 a week will give you an extra thousand pounds to play with every year. The small things might seem insignificant, but they add up! A few simple cutbacks and checks could save you a lot of money in the long run.

1. Don’t auto-renew

For insurances and other monthly payments, shop around online to get the best deals available. You could reduce your outgoings by hundreds of pounds every month without a single change to your lifestyle! Remember to use Quidco too, for an added bonus – cashback bonuses on these sorts of things are usually really high. Take a look at my Quidco article for more information.

Comparison websites make it really simple to get a great deal on your gas and electric costs, and will help you to stay on top of price hikes too. If you find the whole thing too confusing, Look After My Bills will do the leg work for you, and switch you to the best deals automatically.


2. Cancel what you don’t use

End subscriptions or memberships that you hardly use. If you’re paying out £50 a month for the gym, and barely visit, cancel and take up running or cycling instead – exercise doesn’t have to cost a penny! Cutting back could help you to save for something fun, like a weekend away or a holiday abroad.


3. Switch your TV

Stop paying out for expensive TV packages. You can get a Netflix subscription from £5.99 per month, and Amazon Prime is £7.99 – both are ever changing so there’s plenty to keep the whole family entertained. If you’re paying out a small fortune for TV subscriptions, with companies like Sky or Virgin, it might be time for a rethink. Trial for free here.


4. Make your own lunch

Take a packed lunch to work. Even a small £5 expenditure each weekday wastes £100 every four weeks! On sandwiches! Use up leftovers or make your own salads and sarnies at home the night before. But, ditch sandwich bags in favour of reusable containers to save money over time, and reduce one-use plastic waste.


5. Reduce credit card interest

Switch credit card debt to a 0% interest card to avoid paying extra on top of what you already owe. High interest rates take so much of the monthly payment – making it take even longer to pay it off!


6. Cut fuel costs

Use your legs! Think about which short journeys could be walked or cycled – leave the car at home, get some exercise and slash your petrol costs; it’s a win, win!! When you do need to fill the tank, visit a website like petrolprices.com to quickly compare fuel prices near you.


7. Shop smart

Switch to a budget supermarket – or at least from branded products to supermarket own brands – to save a ton without going without. Once you swap, you’ll never switch back and you’ll save a small fortune; this is an easy change as it won’t effect your lifestyle but you’ll see the savings immediately!


8. Stay in

Going out can be so expensive, and actually what makes it good fun is the company. Invite your friends over for a pizza instead of eating out, or share a bottle of bubbly in the garden instead of visiting the local pub. If you’re really brave, you could even throw a house party (when safe to do so again!) – so much fun!!


9. Check your phone bill

If you aren’t using all of the minutes or data that you’re paying for, then speak to your provider about moving to a cheaper plan. In contrast, if you’re overspending each month then upgrade to a more comprehensive plan; it will prevent you from going over your allowance and actually save you money.


10. Set a budget

Set a monthly budget for non-essentials, such as clothes or beauty products, and stick to it! If you have limited spending money, you’ll think more carefully about what you actually need and make the money go further.

Each month set a ‘no spend challenge’ theme for one area, such as weekends, clothes or eating out. Have a different theme each month, so you don’t miss anything too much; it’ll help to give your bank balance a boost. Read my ‘no spend challenge’ post for more ideas!


11. Do your research

If you’re making a big purchase, or buying branded items, always shop around. The internet has made this so easy to do and it’s bonkers to pay more for an identical item! Thank you google!


12. Hunt out discounts

Use cashback websites and voucher codes to get the best deals – most big stores will have some sort of discount codes available online, even if it’s just for free delivery. Every little helps! Start saving today – we’ve had over £2000 from Quidco so far! Join today and save every time you shop!


13. Wash your own car

Having your car cleaned inside and out is usually at least £20 a pop – get the hoover out and a bucket of water and pocket the spare cash for something more exciting. The kids love ‘helping’ too! 😉


14. Cut down on takeaways

Plan your weekly meals to make sure that there is always something to eat in the house, and have a little junk food in the freezer for when you are short of time and craving a pizza! It’s much cheaper to cook your own food, and usually a lot healthier too.  Read my post on meal planning to help you to get started.


15. Stop buying new

Make the most of second-hand websites, like eBay or Preloved, as well as social selling media pages. Not everything has to be purchased new, and there will always be someone selling something you need for a fraction of what they paid for it. Charity shops can be a great option too!


16. Join Groupon

Groupon have amazing deals for local days for days out and eating out, so you can still have a good time without having to feel guilty about it. When you do fancy a treat or a day out, have a look on Groupon to see if you can have fun for less! Sign up today.


17. Turn your heating down

Turn the heating down by just 1 degree to be more eco-friendly and slash your bills. It makes very little difference to how warm your home is, but research shows it can reduce your heating bill by 10%! Make sure you turn lights and electrical items off when you leave a room too – it soon adds up.


18. Stop buying clothes

Go through your wardrobe, or borrow from a friend, before you buy an outfit for a night out. You’ve probably got clothes you’ve forgotten about hidden at the back, but if not swapping sites or raiding a friend’s wardrobe could save you a ton.


19. Take water

Stop buying bottled water – it’s a huge waste of money and plastic. Buy a reusable water bottle and fill it up before you go out. A water filter can be a good investment too – whack it in the fridge and your water will always be refreshingly cold; you can pick one up for just £15 on Amazon.


20. Make sure you read my post on how to save money on your weekly food shop!


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