How to reduce your food waste to save money and the planet!

In the UK we throw away a shocking 7 million tonnes of food and drink per year! Research shows, that for every 3 bags of shopping we buy, one ends up in the bin! Not only is this bad news for our bank balance, it’s also awful for the planet.

90% of consumers are unaware of how much they throw out, so don’t think you are alone in this, but do make positive changes to reduce your food waste – for the sake of your wallet and the world. Here’s how…

Before you shop…

  • Have you got food in the fridge/cupboards/freezer which needs to be used up? Think about which particular recipes could utilise the ingredients that you already have.


At the supermarket…

  • Think about whether you actually need something that week – if not, buy it as and when you actually need it to lessen the chance of food going past its use-by date.

  • Ignore the offers! If you will only eat one, don’t by three just because they’re reduced!

  • If you are buying fresh fruit and veg, buy it whole (not pre-chopped) as it’ll last longer.

  • Buy loose fruit and vegetables, especially if you only need a little, so that the rest of the packet does not go to waste.

  • Buy frozen food to make sure you only cook what you need, and reduce waste.


When you get back…

  • Can you put some of the perishable items in the freezer, rather than the fridge, to extend their shelf-life?

  • Organise your cupboards and fridge so that the items with the shortest use-by dates are at the front.

  • Store your food appropriately so that it lasts as long as possible, and use tubs or jars to keep food fresh.


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