How does cashback work? Here’s how I made over £2000 from shopping online!

Quidco is a quick and easy way to literally get FREE MONEY every time you shop! If you shop online without claiming cashback then you really are missing out…

Why sign up?

We joined cashback website Quidco a few years ago and have received over £2000 since signing up. It’s so quick and simple to get started, and adds just a few seconds to our online shopping – well worth it for the rewards. Anytime you make an online purchase just do a quick search through Quidco, and follow their link to the website you want to visit, to make sure the cashback is registered.

When my husband first told me about it I was convinced it was a scam. Why would a website just give you money? But, like an affiliate scheme, they make money from the companies listed, so it’s in everyone’s best interest for you to get a good deal, and for retailers to get traffic to their websites.

Most well-known retailers are listed, along with smaller business that you might be surprised to see, so it’s always worth a look before you buy. Most companies offer a percentage of your spend, but some give a decent cash incentive.


Get the big bucks!

The big money is often made through utility and insurance sign ups, so whenever we are looking to switch we have a good look at what Quidco is offering. For example, when selecting a life insurance policy we have received £60 cashback, or £50 when we have taken out a pet insurance policy. If you’re going to go with that company anyway, you may as well reap the extra rewards!

Be sure to keep track of your earnings (some take a while to track and you may need to put in a claim) and withdraw the money as soon as you can, so that it’s safely in your bank account. Some may not track, or could be declined, so don’t pick something just because of the cashback – see it just as an extra bonus for something you intended to buy anyway.


Get shopping!

The only challenge now is remembering to use it. Sometimes I forget before I buy, or assume a lesser known website won’t be listed, and then get told off by my hubby! And (for once 😉 ) he is right; for the extra 10 seconds it adds to your shopping experience, it’s definitely worth it!

If you’re a keen online shopper, make sure you sign up to Quidco before you start buying – you’ll be amazed at how quickly it all adds up! And, you could see big rewards over busier shopping periods such as Christmas, when we all spend a small fortune online! Sign up today to earn cashback as you shop!


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