Budget family breakfast: Cheap and easy pancakes recipe

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In our family we love nothing better than to enjoy a lazy pyjama morning on a Saturday, and this would not be complete without some yummy pancakes!  I usually double this recipe, as Finn and Lola are pancake addicts, and use up any left over batter the next morning – it’ll happily keep in the fridge overnight.



300ml milk

2 eggs

100g plain flour

Oil for frying



Whisk the ingredients together in a bowl or large jug until smooth.  Put a frying pan, with a dash of sunflower oil, onto the hob to heat up whilst you are busy mixing the batter.  You will need a medium-high heat.  Then, simply pour a little batter into the pan and tip until it fills the shape of the frying pan.  Heat for about a minute on each side, before sliding the pancake onto a plate and enjoying with your favourite toppings!


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