Our first roller disco!!

Sunday 8th March 2020

Dear Frugal Mums,

The kids had a blast today, we went to a roller disco with friends and it was great fun. Lola found it really tricky but that kiddie is so determined; she spent half of the time on her bottom but never gave up! Finn got the hang of it really quickly, and was soon skating about on his own! I was really impressed with both of them – it was their first time roller skating and they tried so hard.

We’ll definitely go back again, it was only a fiver and that included all of the equipment we needed. Finn was asking about another visit before we’d even left the building! It was a mobile skating company, hosted at a local community hall – what a great idea.

I would definitely recommend it! Although I will be taking my husband too next time – my arm was set to fall off after an hour and a half of holding Lola up! 😂 I actually found it hard to hold her at the start from laughing so much! They were staggering around like they’d had a few beers! 😆

Speak soon,

Nat x


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