March 2021 – parks, decor, Mother’s Day and sunshine!

March 2021

Dear Frugal Friends,

Another month has passed in a blur of homeschooling, daily walks, trips to the park and finally the good news that we can start meeting friends again! 😍

Our daily rambles along the beach or in the countryside keep us sane and the recent sunshine has been lovely. Although note to self, avoid rope swings. Of course the stick would snap while I was on it. 🤕 😆 That was a headache and a half!

Lola gets so excited when the sun comes out! She’s been loving her new jumpsuits we picked up from Facebook Marketplace for £2 each, new with tags!

Finn and Lola love going to the park now the other kids are back at school as they often get the whole place to themselves. We go and play football and basketball on a local court most weeks too which keeps us all active and is good fun!

We are still continuing to do house bits. Lola is so happy with these…

She found some prints she liked on Etsy but they were £30 for four without frames! My husband created some similar ones on Photoshop (the perks of being married to a web designer!) and we had them printed. £1.75 frames from Ikea and a total spend of £15 all in. 😍

We got Finn a new light-shade for his room for £2 on Facebook Marketplace – I’d been looking for one for ages to match his blue and white themed room so it was perfect and a bargain. Second-hand shopping saves a bomb! If you’re in need of anything, it’s a great time to shop second-hand as, with the charity shop closed and people having time to clear out their houses and decorate, there’s never been more to choose from so cheaply!

Mother’s Day was lovely – the kids made me these gorgeous flower arrangements and some beautiful cards, where they had written the loveliest poems. The homemade stuff is so special and I love it so much. They are growing so fast, I treasure all of these moments even more so lately. Finn is 10 in May and I can’t quite believe how close it is!

It seems to have turned chilly again (people are even talking about snow!! 😮) but I’m crossing my fingers and toes that the sun comes back. With their friends off school, and us now able to meet outside, I’ve got 2 weeks of sitting in play parks every day 😆 but it’s nice to be sociable again and take a step back towards normality.

Hope everyone is doing well, wishing you all a lovely Easter weekend!

Nat x


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