5 easy ways to make money now!

If you’re in need of a little extra cash, here are five easy ways to make some extra money NOW…

1. Switch your bank account

Most banks offer cash incentives for you to move your money over to them. Switching your bank account is actually really simple – they’ll transfer all of your direct debits over for you, so there is very little disruption at all. We changed our bank this year and got £150 for doing so. If you haven’t switched for a while, you might be missing out on a better deal too, so have a look around and get paid to switch!


2. Sell, sell, sell

We all have bits and bobs laying around collecting dust. Why not have a clear out, free up some space and make some money while you do so?! If you haven’t used something for more than a year then the chances are you won’t miss it. And, one person’s trash is another’s treasure! It’s amazing how quickly it all adds up too.

We cleared out our loft at the end of last year – selling things we hadn’t even looked at in years! We got £15 for a coffee machine, £45 for a dehumidifier, £50 for some old Hornby train set bits, £65 for a camera and another £50 for an old hifi system that had been in the loft for a decade! Just those five items came to £225 and we used the money to book a weekend at Butlin’s for the kids! So, take a look around – you’ll make some extra cash and decluttering is so therapeutic too! Join Preloved today to get started.


3. Tell your story

If you have an interesting story, or even an amusing photo, you could earn some cash by selling your tale to a magazine. Think you’re not interesting enough? Most of the time publications just want to talk to real people with experience of topical issues – for example a diet trend or a pregnancy story.

Join the FeatureMe! Facebook group to see current requests from writers and TV shows that are looking to pay people willing to talk about their experiences, usually for at least £100. Or, pitch your story directly to a magazine, such as Take a Break – who will pay up to £2000.


4. Get paid for your opinion

If you have some spare time, why not sign up to a survey website or attend a face-to-face market research focus group? While it takes a while to earn larger amounts through surveys, you could get paid between £30 and £160 for a face-to-face group. Just give your opinion, and you might even get a free lunch thrown in too!


5. Clear out your wardrobe

It only takes about a minute to list clothes on eBay so if you have some expensive pieces, or anything brand new with tags, you could see a good return selling your preloved clothes. If you’re short on time, or your clothes are not worth a lot, you can still make some money selling them by the kilo through a ‘cash for clothes’ company.




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