A poem for every lockdown Mum this Mother’s Day…

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Sunday 14th March 2021

To every lockdown Mum this Mother’s Day…

They say it takes a village to raise children,

But we’ve muddled through alone.

Already chef, housekeeper, playmate, and now teacher,

Whilst juggling commitments and working from home.


No playdates to keep the kids busy,

Or nights out to let off steam.

No days out to break the monotony.

Or free time to help us all breathe.


For the days when you drink your coffee cold,

And you’ve not had time to shower.

When the bags under your eyes are heavy,

And the house is a tip in an hour.


When doors are slammed and eyes rolled,

And you count the hours til bed.

When no-one makes it out of pyjamas,

And a takeout box means they get fed.


You’re not a failure – you’re a hero!

Every year but now more than ever.

And with thank you often unspoken,

Remember your kids will love you forever.


When tension is broken by laughter,

From jokes you only share.

And you’re smothered with cuddles and kisses,

As they show mum that they care.


These are days you’d never have spent together,

When life was much less slow.

So treasure small moments of happiness,

And the memories made at home.


Just know that you’re amazing,

Even on an awful day.

You are their sun, moon and world,

And it’ll all work out OK.


Happy Mother’s Day to every mummy out there.

You are doing a great job, and your children are so lucky to have a mummy like you!

Nat x


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