Leftover family recipe ideas for meat, vegetables, herbs, bread, cheese & more!

A great way to save loads of money on your family’s weekly food shop is to love your leftovers! So here are loads of family leftover recipe ideas for meat, vegetables, herbs, bread, cheese (and more!) to make sure that nothing goes to waste. Food prices in the UK have really risen over the last few years, so it’s really important not to bin what we have – or we are literally just throwing our hard earned money away!


How much money can I save by using our leftovers and reducing food waste?

Food waste is a huge issue – not only for our hard-earned cash, but our planet too. In the UK, we throw away a shocking 7 million tonnes of food and drink per year! And, a recent article reckoned that the average British household throws out more than £65 worth of food every month – around £800 annually – so it’s well worth changing your eating habits.

The good news is that there are plenty of delicious ways to make the most of our leftovers – and that extra cash can be put towards something much more fun.


How long can I keep leftovers?

Most leftovers can be kept in the fridge for 2-3 days, and if you make use of the freezer you can extend this for most foods to around 3 months. So if you want something to last longer, perhaps a week or more, then think freezer over fridge every time.

Plus, do you ever wonder why leftovers taste better? I think time often helps to bring out the flavours, particularly with meat and sauce dishes like curries, bolognese and casseroles – they often taste better second time around anyway! Making the most of your leftovers can be as simple as literally freezing extra portions rather than binning them!


How can I use my leftover food in new recipes?

This article goes beyond rescuing extra portions of meals – it might be that you’ve got small amounts of extra ingredients, stale bread or veg that’s looking a bit sad in the fridge that never even made it into a meal that week.

So if you need some leftover recipe ideas, then you’ve come to the right place because I’ve got tons of suggestions for just about everything. From family meal ideas, to snacks and treats – here’s how to use up leftover:

  • Meat
  • Fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Potatoes
  • Cheese
  • Herbs
  • Bread
  • Treats
  • Pasta and rice


Family meal ideas for using up leftover meat

These leftover meat recipes work well with pretty much everything – whether you’ve got spare ham, roast chicken, lamb, pork, turkey or beef – you can probably include whatever you’ve got with most of these meals. Using leftover meat to create new meals is a smart and budget-friendly way to reduce food waste – meat is expensive and delicious so let’s not waste it!

You might even want to cook a larger joint deliberately to stretch over other meals later in the week.  (If you love a homemade soup or stock, a chicken or turkey carcass can be used to flavour both too!)

Make the most of your freezer – if you can’t use it in time, freeze leftovers for another time so they don’t get wasted. Here are some delicious meal ideas using leftover meat to create something the whole family can enjoy:


Use leftover pork, chicken or beef to make a stir-fry. Reheat the meat then add vegetables (bell peppers, broccoli, carrots etc – I use whatever’s left in the fridge or chuck in some frozen veg) and a homemade or store-bought stir-fry sauce for a super quick and easy dinner, serving over rice or noodles.


Sandwiches and wraps:

Make sandwiches or wraps using thinly sliced leftover roast chicken, turkey or beef. Add your favourite condiments, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese for a quick, easy and super tasty lunch.

Leftover family recipe ideas for meat, vegetables, herbs, bread, cheese, sandwich image



Create hearty salads by tossing leftover diced meat with fresh greens, vegetables and a flavourful dressing. You could also add ingredients like croutons, nuts or cheese for extra texture and flavour, or serve with a baked potato for something a bit more substantial.


Fajitas or tacos:

A favourite in our house – turn leftover chicken, beef or pork into fajitas or tacos. Warm the meat with some seasoning, add some veg (like peppers, sweetcorn, tomatoes) and serve with tortillas / tacos, salad, salsa and sour cream dip. By combing the meat with veg, you can make even a small amount stretch much further.



Add leftover meat to a curry sauce made from onions, garlic, ginger and curry spices – simmer until heated through, and serve over rice or with naan bread. Curries are great for slow cooker meals so you can create something super tasty and packed with flavour with very little effort.



My daughter’s favourite – make tasty quesadillas by placing leftover shredded chicken, beef or pork between tortillas with cheese and any veg / seasoning you’ve got handy in the kitchen. Cook until the cheese is melted and the tortillas are crispy for a super quick meal – add beans to make the meat stretch even further.

Leftover family recipe ideas for meat, vegetables, herbs, bread, cheese, quesadilla image


Shepherd’s pie:

A British favourite, use leftover roast lamb or beef to make a shepherd’s / cottage pie. Combine the meat with some mixed frozen vegetables and gravy, top with mashed potatoes, and bake until golden brown. This is a great example of a dish that gets even tastier when it’s been in the freezer for a while – so make sure you keep any extra portions too!


Omelettes or quiches:

Incorporate diced leftover meat into omelettes or quiches – adding vegetables, cheese and herbs for a satisfying light dinner or lunch. These sorts of meals are great for using up anything in the fridge that’s past its best, and they’re so cheap and speedy to make to.


Pasta dishes:

Toss leftover meat into pasta dishes like spaghetti carbonara, fettuccine Alfredo, or penne with a creamy tomato or cheesy sauce – it’ll definitely be a winner with the kids! Pasta is a cheap base for a meal, so with spare meat to use up you really can create a pasta dish for next to nothing.



Turn leftover chicken or turkey into a comforting soup by simmering it with vegetables and broth – adding noodles or rice for a heartier, more filling version. Soups are insanely easy to make and they freeze and reheat really well too.

Leftover family recipe ideas for meat, vegetables, herbs, bread, cheese, woman cooking photo



You can also use leftover chicken or turkey to make a pate, it’s so easy – try my delicious pate recipe. This one is perfect for using up leftover turkey at Christmas time too! Pate can be frozen for about a month, so if you make more than you can use in a couple of days, freeze a few slabs for another time.



Make individual or family-sized pies using leftover meat, mixed frozen vegetables, and a creamy sauce or gravy. (Mushroom soup works well as a sauce too!) Top with puff or shortcrust pastry, and bake until golden brown for a hearty wintery meal. If you’re not a fan of pastry, or don’t have the ingredients in the house, slice potato on top to make a hotpot instead.


Fried rice:

Create a quick and flavourful fried rice by combining diced leftover meat with cooked rice, mixed vegetables, soy sauce and scrambled eggs.  This one is perfect for Chinese a fake-away dinner and it couldn’t be more simple to create. A perfect mid-week meal.

Leftover family recipe ideas for meat, vegetables, herbs, bread, cheese, christmas turkey image


Leftover fruit recipe ideas

Blend fruit that is past its best with yoghurt to make delicious smoothies – just add a dash of honey to sweeten. You could even pour the mixture into ice lolly moulds for a tasty treat for the kids.

Leftover fruit, that’s perhaps gone a bit soft, is also perfect for making pies or jam. With google at our fingertips – it’s now so easy to find recipes to go with what we’ve got lurking in the fridge!

If you have any brown bananas, have a go at making banana bread. It’s so simple, but super tasty, and you’ll never need to bin a banana again! Over-ripe bananas are also amazing mixed with double cream and sweetened condensed milk to make ice-cream! (My kids love both so much that they purposefully leave bananas in the fruit bowl! 😂)

Leftover family recipe ideas for meat, vegetables, herbs, bread, cheese, banana bread image


Family meal ideas for leftover vegetables

Roast any leftover veggies with some tomatoes and blend to make soup or pasta sauce. Old, soft tomatoes are perfect for making pasta sauce or to use in chilli or curries. Freeze what you don’t use into small portions, to defrost another day.

If they’re already cooked vegetables, then you can easily through them straight in to things like quiches with very little prep time at all.

Another delicious option for leftover veg is bubble and squeak. Mix with leftover mash potato and cabbage for a tasty breakfast the next morning.

Leftover family recipe ideas for meat, vegetables, herbs, bread, cheese, picture of vegetables

Broccoli, carrots or celery sticks that are going a bit limp can be perked up by popping them into a jug of water in the fridge. But if they’re beyond saving, use them to make soup or vegetable stock instead.

If you find that you often have leftover vegetables that you don’t use, have a look in the frozen aisle instead. Frozen vegetables cost a fraction of the price, they’re already pre-chopped and you can just use what you need to prevent any waste and save you money!


Family meal ideas for using up potatoes

Potatoes are a staple in most households, and when you buy them by the sack they’re a super cheap way to keep tummies full and bulk out meals. Don’t write off your spuds if they look a little past it or have gone a bit soft. Potatoes that are sprouting are still fine to eat – just chop off the sprouts when you peel them and cook as usual.

So, if you’ve got some leftover spuds to use up – check out these yummy, budget-friendly family meal ideas:

Bubble and squeak:

Combine leftover mash with cabbage and whatever other veg you’ve got to use up – serving with bacon for a delicious weekend breakfast treat.


Potato salad:

Mix diced leftover potatoes with mayonnaise, capers, eggs and spring onions to make a creamy potato salad. It’s a great side dish for barbecues and picnics.

Leftover family recipe ideas for meat, vegetables, herbs, bread, cheese, picture of potato salad homemade


Potato croquettes:

A kid favourite – mash leftover potatoes, shape them into croquettes, coat with breadcrumbs and fry until golden brown.


Potato and veggie stir-fry:

Stir-fry diced leftover potatoes with fresh vegetables like bell peppers, mushrooms and peas. Season with soy sauce, garlic and ginger for a tasty dinner.


Potato frittata:

Mix diced potatoes with beaten eggs, cheese and herbs to make a tasty frittata that can be served for breakfast, brunch or dinner.


Potato soup:

Blend leftover potatoes with vegetable or chicken broth, garlic, onions and seasoning to make a creamy potato soup – or add leeks for a classic leek and potato soup.

Leftover family recipe ideas for meat, vegetables, herbs, bread, cheese, picture of leek and potato soup batch recipe


Potato and sausage hash:

Cook sliced sausages, onions and bell peppers in a frying pan then add diced leftover potatoes and cook until heated through. Season with salt, pepper and herbs.


Potato and egg breakfast burrito:

Combine leftover potatoes with scrambled eggs, cheese and your choice of toppings in a tortilla for a satisfying breakfast burrito.


Potato and cheese gratin:

Layer sliced leftover potatoes with grated cheese and a creamy sauce (made from milk, butter, and flour) in a baking dish. Simply bake until bubbly and golden brown.


Roast potatoes:

Roast potatoes can simply be frozen and recooked when needed – they’ll be nice and crispy after a second roasting!

Leftover family recipe ideas for meat, vegetables, herbs, bread, cheese, photo of roast potatoes


Spanish omelette:

Make a Spanish omelette by combining sliced leftover potatoes with beaten eggs and onions. Cook until set and serve in wedges for a simple lunch.


Potato pancakes:

Grate leftover potatoes and mix them with grated onions, eggs, flour and seasonings. Fry until crispy and golden, and serve with breakfast or as a side dish with dinner.



Use the peel from potatoes and other vegetables to make crisps – toss with oil and salt, before baking in the oven until they’re nice and crispy!



Leftover mash can be a great base for making fishcakes – whizz up stale bread for the breadcrumb coating and you’ll really be making sure that nothing goes to waste.

mash potato, leftovers


Shepherd’s pie:

Another brilliant way to use up leftover mash – make a Shepherd’s / Cottage pie for the following day, and you’ll have another meal prepped in half the time!


Ideas for using up leftover cheese

If you have spare grated or chunks of cheese from dinners or sandwiches, pop it into a sealed container in the fridge. It can be used over sauces or pasta, added to omelettes or melted over toast or a jacket potato for lunch the next day!

blocks of cheese


How to make the most of leftover herbs

If you have more herbs than the recipe calls for, chop it all and freeze into small tubs or ice cube trays so that nothing goes to waste. You can defrost a portion at a time, as and when needed, saving you money and food prep time when you next need some.

For super savings, grow your own herbs so that you can just pick what you need, or switch to dried herbs which last a long time.

woman chopping herbs, how to save leftovers


How to never waste a slice of bread (or the crusty ends) again

It’s estimated that us Brits throw away a staggering 1 million loaves of bread every day – 900,000 tonnes each year! Bread has such a short shelf life, making it one of the most wasted products that we have in our kitchens.

But, with the crusts often binned, and our loaves going stale in just a few days, here are my top tips for making sure you make the most out of every slice…

Freeze it:

Bread freezes really well, and defrosts so quickly. The best way to keep bread fresh, especially if you only shop once a week, is to put extra loaves into your freezer and defrost them as needed. You can also pop frozen bread straight into the toaster – which is always handy if you find, as hungry kiddies await their breakfast, that you haven’t got any fresh bread!

Sandwiches can also be made with frozen bread or rolls; just make them as usual and they’ll defrost by lunchtime. This can be a handy way of keeping your sandwich filling chilled in the summer months too!

how to use up leftover bread, sandwich ideas


Make a pudding:

Bread and butter pudding is such a simple dish to make, and it’s a great way to stop slightly stale bread from ending up in the bin! It’s super tasty too, and a very cheap pudding option – you can even use up stale croissants or muffins as well in this way, so be creative and adapt your favourite recipe to use up what you’ve got.


Microwave it:

A quick 10 second blast in the microwave can bring stale bread back to life so, before you bin it, give this a go and you can get back to making those sarnies in no time at all!


Grill it:

Stale bread, sourdough loaf, ciabatta or baguette can be transformed under the grill into croutons, garlic bread, cheese on toast or bruschetta. For bruschetta add a little garlic, oil and a few of your favourite toppings, such as tomatoes or olives, or whatever is lurking in the fridge!

Leftover family recipe ideas for meat, vegetables, herbs, bread, cheese, photo of homemade bruschetta


Blitz it:

Buying ready-made breadcrumbs comes with a price tag, and the rest of the pot is wasted if you don’t need a whole tub. But, making your own couldn’t be easier! Just throw a slice of bread into your blender, and you’ll have breadcrumbs in seconds! This a great way to use up the crusty ends of a loaf, which usually don’t get eaten.

Did you know that you can blend bread straight from the freezer too? It’ll defrost as it blends! So keep those ends and, next time you fancy homemade nuggets or a need a breadcrumb topping for a pasta bake, blitz away!



Use the soggy cereal at the bottom of the box to make chocolate crispie cakes. Crushed / broken biscuits can be used as a base for cheesecake, lemon possets or chocolate fridge cake too.

Cakes and cookies can be frozen so if you have any leftover don’t bin them – slice and pop into a freezable container. They defrost really quickly, so if you get them out in the morning, they’ll be ready to enjoy by lunchtime. (This is also really handy for last minute play-dates or picnics too!)

Leftover family recipe ideas for meat, vegetables, herbs, bread, cheese, lemon possets


How to use up leftover pasta and rice

It’s so easy to accidentally cook too much pasta or rice – so weigh out the suggested portion sizes before cooking to reduce the chance of wastage. But, if you do cook too much, here’s how to make the most of it…

If you’ve already mixed pasta in with the sauce at tea-time, but you’ve got loads left, decant into small tubs for lunches over the next few days. Plain leftover pasta can be mixed with tuna, mayonnaise and salad bits to make a yummy pasta salad, or reheated in a pasta bake.

You need to be careful with rice as it can be contaminated by a bacterium. If you want to use leftover rice, cool it under running water and store it in a sealed container as quickly as possible. It’ll keep for one day in the fridge, or freeze immediately – just make sure it’s piping hot all the way through before eating.

leftover rice and pasta meal ideas


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