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Diary of a Frugal Mum

Leeds Castle

Friday 31st August 2019

Dear Frugal Mums,

Jay had the day off today, so we visited Leeds Castle as we were very lucky to have been given some free tickets. We hadn’t been for years as a family ticket is £70 for a family of four – although you can visit as often as you like, but we don’t like going to the same places very often. We did have a pass when the children were younger (and free!) but we like to go to lots of different places as they get older. 

We completed the maze in record time – we definitely just got lucky! And the children really enjoyed wandering around the castle; they both love history. The play park is great; they were really wowed by the giant, wooden castle. But, I think the most fun they had (and something that they have done every time we have visited in the past too) was rolling down the grassy hills!! Very easily pleased these too! 😉 Give them a hill and they’ll have a lovely time! 

Hope you’re all enjoying the last few days of the holidays… my two haven’t driven me nuts yet, not sure what is happening this year?! 😉

Nat x

Leeds Castle

Leeds Castle Day Out

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