January 2021 – keeping busy at home – lockdown 3.0!

January 2021

Dear Frugal Friends,

Well I would like to say that January flew by and that it’s been a walk in the park, but we’re all a bit fed up with a wintery lockdown to be honest. Things seemed so much easier in the summer, and I always miss the sunshine at the best of times! We’ve been keeping ourselves busy and I am so pleased that the kids were given lots of things to do for Christmas as that’s really helped.

We’ve been learning about electricity and circuits so they’ve enjoyed testing items from around the house and it’s been something that has interested both of them. I got a great circuit kit from Amazon for a tenner and Finn got an amazing Tronex circuit set for Christmas that even allowed us to connect to the radio!

I really love all of the kids’ science experiment kits, we’ve got a few and they’re a great way to learn in a fun way – keeping the children busy and interested for hours.

I’ve been trying to keep myself on track by getting around to some of the jobs I’ve been meaning to do. I repainted the lounge as I’d bought the paint ages ago and then not done it, so there are some positives from lots of time at home! I also repainted my photo frames and mantel clock, mixing the colours from paint we had, to match my new pastel theme. (I love a project that doesn’t cost a penny!)

When the weather’s dry, we’ve been getting out with the dog, cycling and doing Pokemon Go to have a change of scenery. Having the dog definitely helps us to get out everyday. They should definitely call it Pokemon-Slow though!! 😉 Our walks take hours when we’re Pokemon hunting!

At the other end of the scale we’ve had a lot of lazy days too – some days I’ve really struggled to feel motivated and we’ve not made it out of pyjamas. I’m chalking it up as a success if we are all fed and happy each day, and really trying just to go with the flow and take each day as it comes.

I can’t complain really, the kids are so good and seem to take it all in their stride. Lola spends hours on the phone to her best friend and Finn chats to his friends while gaming, so thank goodness for technology!

I hope you’re all keeping well and keeping yourself busy. Check out my recipes as I’ve been doing A LOT of cooking lately so I’ve added a few more of my favourites and new ones we’ve discovered too! 😊

Nat x


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