Is a Shark vacuum cleaner worth the money? And how you can get one less than half price (just £119!!) right now!

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My son is hilarious with adverts – he remembers all of the little details and has forever been telling me why I need a Shark vacuum cleaner! 😂 Our hoover recently packed in (I think it was protesting after being over-worked while we’ve been renovating the house!) so off to Currys we went. I had no intention of getting a Shark, as they seemed so expensive, but the deal we came across was too good to resist!

Are Shark vacuum cleaners worth the money?

Sharks vary massively in price – we opted for the cheapest corded one available as the spec seemed very similar to the others which were a fair bit dearer. Having said that, the hoover we purchased was originally supposed to be £249 so it was by no means a cheap and cheerful option, had it been full price.

We pushed a few of the vacuums around whilst we were in Currys, from a range of brands, and liked the movement of the Shark. I always look for something with swivel steering, as the old style ones which don’t bend are hard-going.

The one that we decided on is light and easy to manoeuvre, it’s also bagless which is a must, and the switches etc are simple – handy for when the kids are helping out at home. Rather than boost-buttons, hard-floor vents and other faffy features (like our previous hoover) this one has a simple switch to change the settings.

My two were amazed at the suction power – since it’s our new gadget they were bickering over who could do the most hoovering! 😂 Our carpets have never looked so clean! (I was actually shocked by how much dust it picked up from the carpets, which looked pretty clean beforehand – clearly highlighting that our old vacuum hadn’t been quite up to the job anymore!). I don’t think I’d have paid £249 for a vacuum cleaner personally, even if it is a good one, but it was great value for the price that we paid and there’s no denying that it’s a fantastic vacuum cleaner!


What features make Sharks special?

Our new Shark is much quieter than our previous vacuum cleaner, and the longer cord means that you can cover a larger area without having to keep plugging and unplugging it. The hose also really extends which is handy, and the additional tools are stored easily on the machine itself – so no digging around in a cupboard looking for the attachment that you need!

It has an LED light which is handy for seeing small bits on the carpet, dust lurking under the bed, and for getting into dark corners – and the kids thought it was cool! It also has a lift-away feature so you can use it as a hand-held without dragging the whole thing around with you – great for stairs, sofas and hoovering out the car.

The Shark we purchased boasts that it’s ideal for allergy sufferers and people with asthma too – capturing 99.9% of dust and allergens inside the vacuum. And, Sharks also come with a five year guarantee which gives you good piece of mind.


How can I get one for £119?

And, now I’ll answer the most important question! But, if you’re going to make the most of this deal then you’ll need to act fast! The SHARK Lift-Away NV612UK Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner – Metallic Turquoise is currently already reduced in Currys from £249 to £169: a saving of £80! But keep reading to find out how you can get it for £119 – less than half price!!

Currys are also running an additional offer at the moment, allowing you to save a further £50 by giving them your old vacuum cleaner (or old tech) even if it doesn’t work. This brings the price down to £119 AND saves you a trip to the tip! But this offer is only running until the 15th August, so if you want to pair a sale Shark with the additional £50 off (for the deal of the century!) then you’ll need to act fast.

Here are the details (and code) you’ll need…

Currys have lots of different vacuum cleaners reduced at the moment, also running alongside the additional £50 off – so definitely check out the Sharks, or other brands available, ASAP if you’re in need of a new machine! These are a just a few other vacuum cleaners available within the £50 off deal…

Click here to go straight to this fantastic deal on the Currys website – and bag yourself a Shark vacuum for less than half price! 😍


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