How to book £3 movie tickets on National Cinema Day!

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What is National Cinema Day?

Let’s be honest a trip to the cinema has become a luxury as it can cost a small fortune these days! Fancy seeing a movie on the cheap? Make the most of the big screen experience on National Cinema Day, designed to celebrate the big screen and make it affordable and accessible for all.

It’s an annual event, this year happening on Saturday 2nd September 2023, and hundreds of cinemas across the UK are coming together to celebrate.



How much are tickets?

Participating cinemas are offering tickets to all shows from just £3, so you can enjoy a family movie day for a lot less than usual. Some cinemas, like Cineworld, are even offering reduced snacks and drinks too.

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But, if not, remember to pack your own sweet treats to make it a real cheap and cheerful trip – because we all know the food and drink at their normal prices adds up pretty quickly!

It’s a great chance to try out one of the expensive posh screens too, such as a 3D or 4D experience, as those tickets are usually really pricey!


Where can I watch a cheap movie?

There are loads of cinemas taking part in the event, hundreds in fact – the usual big companies and lots small independent screens too – so you’re bound to find somewhere to visit locally.

To find a participating cinema near you, check out:

Just get those tickets booked quickly, because it’s a popular event and at those prices you can see why! Have fun! 😊

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