Slash your night out costs with a budget party at home!

My husband and I love an evening out.  We don’t really drink on a regular basis, but do love to get tipsy and have a boogie when we do manage to venture out every once in a while.  When you have children, time together to let your hair down is so important for your sanity and your relationship!  BUT… a boozey night out can cost a fortune!  With a new outfit, dinner, taxis and the inflated cost of alcohol in the swanky cocktail bars, we can easily spend £200 on one evening out – and so the party nights were born!

We have had the most amazing nights, hosting parties at home, and it doesn’t cost anyone much at all.  It’s a great way to celebrate Christmas, New Year’s Eve or a big birthday, without spending a bomb. Invest in a disco bulb (for about £5-£10), then just blast out some cheesy tunes, and pop to Aldi or Iceland to grab some nibbles and mixers.  Get your guests bring some booze and, just like that, a party is created with very little effort or cost at all! (You could even ask your guests to bring a plate of food to make it even cheaper and easier!)

We’re fortunate enough to live down a quiet road, and have a great relationship with our lovely elderly neighbours, who we warn plenty in advance.  But, if the people living next door are ‘hip and happening‘ (or perhaps just under retirement age 😝) why not invite them to join you, then you have no-one to disturb? Just beware if you have carpets (fortunately we have hard floors so they are easily cleaned) as the floors can be sticky the next morning!

As much as I love a BBQ, or garden party on a warm day, if you want to dance the night away, it is best to avoid to the hot weather to help you keep any noise and disruption to a minimum.  Team your party with a hot summer’s evening and people scatter out into the garden until late, letting the music blast through the open doors and windows – not to mention the drunken giggles that can be heard a mile away!

My favourite party was held in January and it worked really well; our next door neighbour, who had forgotten about our party, didn’t realise we had actually had it.  (Despite the fact that we were still dancing to S Club 7 past 2am!) 😂 So, as long as you are thoughtful and upfront with those around you, having a house party does not need to be much work or cost a bomb.  It’s a great alternative to what could be an expensive night out, and your friends will be forever grateful to you for being willing hosts.

Give it a go! I promise that you will have a blast!

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UPDATE:  Don’t do cocktails! 😜 They were deadly!!

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