Happy New Year 2021!

Friday 1st January 2021
Dear Frugal Friends,
2021 begins today – without parties, fireworks or the usual fresh start.
But for all of the negatives that this year gave us, there are so many moments that I am so grateful for; memories with the children that I will treasure forever, that without these strange times would never have happened.
I learnt a lot about myself, and this year gave us the gift of time, reflection and re-evaluation.
2020 was a year like no other, and our new year will certainly have its struggles too.
So for the first time ever I won’t be making a long list of new year’s resolutions or planning for the year ahead.
Life at the moment is so unpredictable and a great day can just as easily be followed by a few tough and lonely weeks.
So instead of putting extra pressure on ourselves, or making plans only to feel disappointment when they are taken from us, let’s move forward just one day at a time.
Let 2021 be the year of going with the flow, finding joy in the small things and being kind to ourselves and each other; we are all just doing our best, and that’s more than good enough.
Wishing you all a happier New Year. 😘
Here’s hoping that this time next year everything seems brighter.
NatΒ x
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