The secrets of green tea – natural appetite suppressant, skin clearer and hair softener!

This isn’t really a frugal post, but I wanted to share what I’ve discovered about green tea just in case anyone else is struggling with the same issues that I’ve had. But, please be aware that I’m in no way a scientist or beauty specialist!  😂 This is simply what I’ve discovered along the way…

Sick of spots

I started drinking green tea a few months ago, as I kept getting spots on my jaw/chin area and nothing seemed to help. I was getting really frustrated, as I’d never really had bad skin even when I was a teenager! We eat pretty healthily anyway but I tried cutting out sugar and eating a lot of fish, eggs and greens, in hope that it would help, but it made little difference. After a bit of research, I realised that my age and the location of the spots probably meant that they were hormonal.

Looking back, I think I was also making my skin worse by using skin-clearing face washes etc to try and combat it, as I have really sensitive skin. After a while, I cut out all of those products and went back to simply washing my face with a flannel and water in the mornings, and repeating in the evenings after removing my makeup with a hypoallergenic face wash or cleanser. And, my skin seemed happier for it but still wasn’t as clear as I wanted it to be.

On my google travels, I came across some articles that said that green tea was useful for balancing hormones and therefore improving the skin. Hormonal spots really need to be fixed from the inside out. I love a natural cure, and since green tea is super cheap, I decided to give it go.


Miracle tea

Along with my simplified face routine, I started drinking 3 cups of green tea a day. I had only intended to drink 1 cup a day, but I’ve become addicted as it’s actually really yummy! 😂 About a month in, I noticed that the texture of my skin was improving, and my hair felt softer and glossier too which was an unexpected bonus!

Two months in and I was barely getting any new spots – such a relief! My skin was smoother and brighter, and things seemed to be heading in the right direction. I’m now several months down the line and I’ve had only one new spot in about a month! It appeared with my period (thanks hormones!) but I popped a bit of Savlon on it and it disappeared within a few days. I’ve had no painful, under the skin spots for quite some time.


Much less hungry

On another note, I started to notice that I wasn’t as hungry about a month in to drinking green tea everyday. At first I didn’t put two and two together, but my appetite really has lowered so I popped back on to google to see what it might be. It didn’t take long for me to discover that green tea is also a natural appetite suppressant!

I’m fortunate enough to not struggle with my weight but it has helped me to eat less junk food and feel content between meals. I thought I would share my findings as it may be useful for those trying to cut back on snacks or lose weight, as research shows that green tea is great for weight loss.


Tasty and cheap

Green tea can be picked up from any supermarket and it’s really inexpensive. I love the taste, and have been really surprised by the body and health benefits. I also love that it’s a natural, chemical-free way to improve the skin and balance out hormones, and for me it has totally worked!

Green tea is a great antioxidant so, on top of these benefits, it helps to protect the body against illness too. I was really sceptical at the start, but willing to give anything a go, and I’m so pleased with the results! Expensive supplements, lotions and potions have officially been ditched! If you’re struggling with your skin or dieting, I would definitely recommend adding green tea into your daily routine – it’ll definitely be a permanent part of mine!


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