Gluten-free carrot cake with cream cheese frosting

This carrot cake is so delicious, and the kids can’t get enough of it! The frosting really makes this cake, but make sure you keep it in the fridge as the cream cheese can’t sit out for too long.



zest and juice of 1 orange

50g sultanas

150ml sunflower / vegetable oil

2 large eggs

140g light soft brown sugar

170g gluten-free self-raising flour

1 tbsp ground mixed spice

1 tsp bicarbonate of soda

140g grated carrots


For the icing:

200g soft cheese

50g butter, softened

85g icing sugar, sifted



Put the orange juice and zest into a bowl with the sultanas, mix and pop into the microwave for 1-2 minutes to make the sultanas nice and moist – you can also soak these the night before instead if you would prefer.

Heat the oven to 180°C / Fan 160°C / Gas 4 and grease and line a 900g loaf tin. Mix the sugar, flour, mixed spice and bicarb in a large mixing bowl.

Whisk together the oil and the eggs, then add to the dry ingredients. Next, add the sultana/orange mixture and the carrots, and mix thoroughly. Tip into the loaf tin and bake for one hour, or until an inserted skewer comes out clean. Cool the cake in the tin before removing it and icing.

For the icing: use an electric whisk to beat together the soft cheese, butter and icing sugar until smooth. Spread over the cooled cake and keep in the fridge.


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