10 ways to have a fun (but frugal!) Easter!

We aren’t religious but, like a lot of families, we do love to celebrate Easter! It’s great fun, it keeps the kids busy and it’s the perfect excuse to spend time with family. Here are my top tips for having a fun but affordable Easter break…

1. Get crafting

The kids love an excuse to do craft so, instead of buying expensive decorations or cards, get the kids on the job! Raid the recycling and the craft box, and spend a rainy afternoon decorating the house. Check out my Easter craft ideas!


2. Buy cheaper chocolate

If your kiddies are anything like my two, they won’t give a hoot about whether their chocolate comes from Thortons or Aldi! So be sensible about what you buy and, if you are buying branded, look for sales and offers. Usually buying really early or really late will get you the best deals – most of the supermarkets will have chocolate reductions at some point over the Easter period.


3. Do a DIY trail

I’ve never met a child who doesn’t adore a trail or treasure hunt! Instead of waking up to their Easter goodies, why not get the kids hunting for clues to earn their chocolate? Buy some hollow plastic eggs to hide in the house or garden (places like The Range, Home Bargains and Poundland sell these really cheaply) and fill with clues or treasure. Print off my free trail kit to get you started, and remember to store the eggs to use again next year.


4. Make memories

There are plenty of free places to visit this Easter, so get some fresh air and have some quality family time.  Head for a walk along the beach, have a ramble in the woods or visit a local country park. Memories don’t need to cost money – kids don’t need expensive days out, they just need time. You could even take some little eggs to hide, just remember where you hide them. 😅


5. Bring a plate

Hosting an Easter lunch can be expensive and hard work – even if you’re a good bargain hunter, it soon adds up. Lessen the burden and the cost by asking your guests to bring part of the meal. We do this in our family and it’s good fun too – so each make a course and enjoy the surprise! My lemon posset recipe is the perfect Easter dessert!


6. Get gardening

Spring is the perfect time to grow some vegetables or flowers, so buy some cheap seeds and get planting! My two love growing things and it saves us a fortune in the summer when we can eat our own veg. You don’t need a vegetable patch or tons of room, a pot with a cane is a great place to grow green beans or tomatoes.


7. Go lambing

So many farms offer free, or cheap, lambing experiences over the Easter holidays – they usually pop up on Facebook every year. See what is available in your local area and enjoy a magical, free day out. Just make sure you wear your welly-boots!


8. Hunt out cheap ‘Easter Veg’

Just like at Christmas time, the supermarkets all battle to sell the cheapest Easter veg the week before Easter. Have a quick check online to see which supermarket is doing the best deals and plan your meals around what’s on offer – you’ll save a fortune if you’re feeding a big family.


9. Think Ahead

If you love daffodils in your garden, or on your table at Easter time, you’ll need to think about it towards the end of the year. Bulbs need to be planted between October and December ready to appear in the Spring, so set a reminder on your phone and next Easter you won’t need to buy any flowers! And, once the bulbs are in, they’ll come back year after year – that’s a great investment!


10. Re-use

Keep plastic eggs, Easter baskets, banners and anything else that you buy or make ready for next year. Re-purchasing everything is a waste of money and a bad idea for the planet too, at a time when it’s vital that we reduce our waste. Label a sturdy box and make sure everything goes into the loft when you’ve finished.


Take a look at my yummy Easter baking recipes!


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