Diary of a Frugal Mum

Flip Out and Pizza Hut – a definitely not frugal day!

Saturday 10th August, 2019

Dear Frugal Mums,

We’d planned to head over to Rochester Castle today – and it would have been a darn sight cheaper – for their medieval day, but the weather was not on our side. With so many outdoor events cancelled, we decided to rethink and plan something indoors and closer to home. The kids have been begging to go to Flip Out for ages, so we decided to treat them to an hour of bouncing! At £11 per child for just an hour of fun it’s not the best investment, especially compared with play centres where they can spend hours for less money, but they do love it!

We intended to come home afterwards to have some lunch but somehow got conned into eating at Pizza Hut too – very persuasive little munchkins. 😉 Their £40 family meal deal did save us a fair bit, but it is not the cheapest of places to eat. They’re having toast for dinner now! So, all in all, today turned out to be quite the opposite of frugal, but we did have a lovely day together and it is nice to have a treat day sometimes. Good job we’ve only got a picnic planned tomorrow – let’s hope the weather allows!

It’s just as well we’d been trapped at home with a poorly dog for the last few days too, as we hadn’t spent a penny. Although, with baking, movies, lego, craft, playdough, girlie afternoon teas and sleepovers in each other’s room; it has been anything but quiet and chilled! 😉 We have had lots of fun and quality time though and, almost three weeks into the summer, I am impressed that they are yet to drive me barmy! (Though, there’s still time!!)

If you are based in Kent, make sure you follow my Facebook page for free or cheap local events – I am posting daily over the summer holidays.

Nat x

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