Feel supplement review

Who are Feel?

Recently I was contacted by wellness brand Feel, who offer a variety of different supplements to suit a range of needs. They are so confident in their brand that they were happy to send me some multivitamins with a ‘see for yourself’ kind of attitude – which is always a great start!

I always like to have a snoop to see what’s on offer, and I’m super particular about what I take, so I started by exploring their website to see what was so amazing about these particular vitamins. Here’s why they are so confident – they only use high quality ingredients in their highest bio-availability; no nasties in these!

Another thing that I love about their website is that they break down every single ingredient to show you exactly what you’re taking and the benefits, in simple terms.

And the reason that this brand works so well is their special ingredient – Bioperine™ – which makes it easier for our bodies the absorb the vitamins. But of course, if I was going to get behind these vitamins I would have to give them a good trial to see for myself – and I assured them that my review would be honest whatever I found, which they were totally supportive of.



I am always looking for products in my life that are as high quality and natural as possible, and from companies that work hard to ensure they are not contributing to our plastic waste problem. A huge plus for me, with Feel, is that they have made sure that this is 100% a priority for their brand. When posted out, all of the packaging is paper which can be easily recycled, and the vitamins themselves are kept fresh in a biodegradable paper pouch.


The trial

So I gave the vitamins a good trial length of a month before I even considered opening up the laptop to write this review. The multivitamins are to be taken with food, twice a day, and that was my only annoyance  – trying to remember twice a day when you’re out and about or busy with the kids can be a pain, but I soon got into a routine.

I definitely think it helps the body to have a vitamin hit twice a day rather than all in one go too, and this may well be why I felt like my energy levels were boosted. Plus, if I’d forgotten at a meal time, it was a good excuse to snack! 😉

As well as my improved energy levels, I slept pretty well – which isn’t always the case with my overactive brain! The only thing I would love to see is a multivitamin without iron, as I find it can make my gut a little sluggish.


Women’s supplements

As a huge amount of my readers are women and mums, I thought I’d mention the vitamins that are best suited to us ladies too. Whilst they have a range of vitamins to suit different needs – for example, one dedicated to gut health and another for immunity, they also have a few other options to support women’s wellness.

The Feel Beauty Probiotic is a great one for maintaining skin, hair and nails. And if you’ve got a little one on the way, or you’re trying for a baby, you might want to check out their pregnancy supplement. They’ve been supported by Mumsnet and offer a supplement that covers it all; from boosting your fertility, to reducing nausea during pregnancy, assisting in foetal development and keeping you healthy and energised too.

Postnatally, Feel Pregnancy will support breast milk quality and production, as well as balancing your nutritional levels for a healthy and happy postpartum period. So these vitamins really are a one-stop-shop if you’re expanding your family. In order to promote their new pregnancy range, they’re offering 20% off first month of pregnancy supplements with code PARTNER20.


Quality guaranteed

With all of their products there’s a 30 day money-back guarantee – no questions asked. Plus there’s no contract, free UK delivery and you can cancel your subscription at any time – so it’s definitely worth a try to see if these could work well for you! Check out the Feel website for more info.


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