February 2021 – birthdays, snow, sun, bargains and yummy food!

February 2021

Dear Frugal Friends,

Well February seems to have passed pretty quickly and the sun is out which certainly makes things feel easier! Having said that, we did have an absolute blast in the snow at the beginning of the month – it seems crazy for it to feel like spring so soon after it being so chilly!


This month Lola turned eight – read her birthday post to find out how we celebrated lockdown style. I still can’t believe my baby is eight already!! 😲


We’ve been out and about walking a lot, making the most of the sunshine and keeping ourselves healthy. (Although not too healthy, some fish and chips involved! 😂)


At home we’ve been playing board games and doing puzzles to keep ourselves occupied; Lola got Cluedo for her birthday and is loving it!! Don’t forget to check out my board game article for the best family board games.


Since Boris’ update this week I’ve been feeling a bit more motivated again. The kids and I blitzed their rooms this week and deep cleaned. I’ve listed lots of their bits for sale so they can boost their savings and have a fresh start getting rid of things they no longer need. I’m going to do the rest of the house, a room each week, while we’re still stuck at home – I have no intention of doing lots of cleaning when we’re finally free!!


We’ve been doing lots of cooking, as usual, so make sure you keep an eye on my recipes – I’m slowly but surely adding more of our favourites! We tried homemade waffles last week and boy were they tasty!! Will add that one there soon – Kaspas lockdown style!


I’m also still working my way through the list of house jobs, and I used Fablon to update and refresh some of Lola’s furniture. I’m really pleased with it and it was only £7.66 per roll from Amazon – Finn’s desk will be next! It was my first time using it and I love how quickly and cheaply it can hide flaws and update a piece of furniture.


I joined an app called Olio this week and I’m hoping to encourage others to take a peak too! It’s such a fab way to save money and reduce food waste – you can collect food that would usually be binned by the supermarkets locally to you. We had all of this for free! Bread and pastries freeze really well too, so that’s definitely something to consider to reduce your food bill.


It’s been a big month for us as my husband finished work to be fully self-employed ready for our travel plans. After him working evenings and weekends continuously for the last 6 months to build up his own business, it’s felt a long time coming and been very busy. We’re just crossing all of our fingers and toes that travel will be a possibility soon! Boris definitely gave us a glimmer of hope!!

If you’re starting to think about a UK break, make sure you check out the deals on Haven Holidays – they’re offering breaks from £49 per family at the mo!!

I hope you’ve been enjoying the sunshine. Don’t forget to check out my Mother’s Day posts – two weeks today guys!

Nat x


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