10 thoughtful but frugal Father’s Day gifts!

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Spoil your partner or dad this Father’s Day with these personal, thoughtful ideas that won’t break the bank! Here are 10 frugal ways to show your appreciation…

1. Create a personalised gift basket

Show him that you know him well by creating a personalised gift basket full of things that he loves. Fill the basket with yummy treats or go for a theme – this could be sports, gaming, movies, gardening… the ideas are endless! Making your own gift basket will be a lot cheaper than a pre-made hamper, and much more personal too.


2. Plan a picnic

If the weather is bright, why not plan a picnic and get out and about? Pack up some tasty treats and spend some quality time together. Perhaps visit his favourite place, or find a nearby park where you can enjoy the fresh air and relax. Find a beautiful spot and chill!


3. Give the gift of memories

Memories are priceless and a photograph is worth a thousand words. Frame those magical moments, or create a photo album or scrap book for your partner or dad to enjoy. Time is so precious, and children grow so fast – there’s nothing better than a trip down memory lane.


4. Frame your child’s artwork

Poems, paintings, and drawings become extra special when they’re framed and displayed, and they’re the perfect gift for any parent or grandparent. Frames can be picked up so cheaply in budget stores, or even second-hand from charity shops; such a simple but thoughtful gift.


5. Give a personalised coupon

Personalised coupons are a great gift for every occasion, and Father’s Day is no different – just make sure the coupons aren’t for things that are already expected! They don’t cost a penny but could be exactly what someone needs – why not offer to help in the garden, wash the car or give some DIY assistance?

Not every great present can be gift-wrapped, and the gift of time is more valuable than anything you can buy. Download my free, printable coupons to get started.


6. Get crafting

As a parent myself, there’s nothing I love more than a homemade card or gift from my children. These are the gifts that are never thrown out, and that will be treasured forever. Raid the craft box and the recycling bin and spend some time with the kids, creating a masterpiece. They will love it, and so will he!


7. Get your bake on

Get the kids involved and make some tasty treats. Nothing beats homemade goodies, and you can show your appreciation by baking something extra special this Father’s Day. My tasty chocolate fridge cake is super simple and always a winner, or make a delicious batch of lemon shortbread.


8. Give the gift of sleep

For parents with young children, sleep is the best gift anyone could give. Organise for the children to sleep over with their grandparents, or take the kids out of the house and let him spend the morning in bed. Peace and quiet doesn’t cost a penny, but it’s absolutely priceless!


9. Book an experience

Hunt out the best deals from Groupon or Buyagift for a fun day out or a cheap meal. You can get £10 off from Buyagift just by signing up to their newsletter, and they always have offers and discount codes too near special occasions – so they’ll be lots of Father’s Day offers to choose from. Take a look at their Father’s Day discounts here.


10. Make breakfast in bed

My husband loves a fry up, so Father’s Day is the perfect excuse to go all out with breakfast and rustle up something tasty! The kids can help too, and deliver the breakfast in bed, to get the day off to a great start. Cooking at home can be loads cheaper than eating out, and it’s really thoughtful and personal too.


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