Facetime games to play with friends and family!

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Suddenly technology has become more important than ever – it’s our way of staying in touch with the rest of the world! Thank goodness for facetime, so we can see our family and friends virtually during this difficult time.

We’ve been trying to come up with ways to spend time with our family, and lighten the mood for the kids who are desperately missing their family and friends. So, here are some tried and tested ideas for virtual activities…


Who doesn’t love facetime bingo?! This one is so easy – each grab a scrap of paper, write down a handful of numbers and nominate someone to be the bingo caller. It’s super simple for younger children to take part in too, and always a winner with the grandparents! Download my printable bingo sheet and have fun!



Why not use an online whiteboard, such as Zoom, to play Pictionary with the family? You can chat and see each other too, as well as writing or drawing on a board that everyone is able to see and edit.


Quiz night

Start a group video call, and hold a quiz night for friends and family. It’ll get everyone involved, and older children could even write the questions too! If you’d like something ready-made, try one of my free, printable adults vs kids family quizzes…

Adults VS Kids Family General Trivia Quiz


Adults VS Kids Family Movie Trivia Quiz


Adults VS Kids Family Halloween Trivia Quiz


Adults VS Kids Family Christmas Trivia Quiz



Use a group video chat to have a fun game of charades. Take it in turns and use an online charade generator like www.getcharadesideas.com to get some ideas flowing! For a child-friendly version try charades for kids.



Online whiteboards, such as Zoom, are a great way to play simple games like Hangman and Noughts and Crosses. This could be a great way for the kids to play with their friends, or to have a game with an elderly relative who may enjoy the company whilst isolating at home.



This is a great one for two people to play on video chat – as the aim of the game is not to view each other’s boards anyway! If you and a friend/family member each have a battleship game set, then set up your end and enjoy a game together.


Just Talk

My daughter Lola loves the Just Talk Kids app to connect with her friends and there are lots of games that can be played together through the app whilst chatting and video calling at the same time. If your younger children are missing their friends, then I would definitely recommend checking it out.


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